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  1. michigan

    The Future of Nike Basketball "Rumors"

    I found this article interesting so I thought I'd share it to see what you guys think about these rumors.
  2. michigan

    3 Charged In Ohio Slavery Case These types of people are disgusting and need to be locked up for life.
  3. michigan

    Father beats 2 year son to death for wetting the bed. Mother does nothing. After hearing about this story today it has me really upset since I have a 2 year old.   When are this evil people gonna  be sentenced to death for  killing their own kids?     It seems like every week I...
  4. michigan

    Nas to open new shoe store later this year in Las Vegas. Hopefully he gets some nice exclusives.  At worse it will be another option for us to cop from out here in Vegas.  
  5. michigan

    Georgia shoplifting mom runs over 4 year old son, child is in critical condition.
  6. michigan

    Man given heart of suicide victim marries donor's widow then kills himself in the exact same way. This story is 5 years old but I just saw it today and it's beyond creepy.
  7. michigan

    The Official Nike Air Max 90 Thread

    REMINDER: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO BUYING-SELLING-TRADING ALLOWED IN THIS FORUM. Since the old thread was deleted I'll get this new one started  
  8. michigan

    72 Hour Nightmare In Roseland Official Movie Trailer

    True story of an 11 year old gang banger in 1994 Chicago. Robert "Yummy" Sandifer
  9. michigan

    Nike is cutting ties with several small locations in the Philly area.
  10. michigan

    Rickesha Burns Pleads Not Guilty to Shoving Vibrator Into 2-Year-Old Son's Anus WTF?
  11. michigan

    online store legit check

    I'm not sure if this site has been on here before so sorry if it has.  They claim they passed the legit check on this website.  the website is   Another question i have about them is if they're selling brand new shoes or used shoes.   
  12. michigan

    Fake check on a few websites

    I'm not sure if these sites have been talked about in here or not so sorry if they have i'm new to this site. I thought posting a new thread would be easier then going through a bunch of pages looking for info on these sites.  I was wondering if they are selling legit A grade shoes, B grades or...
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