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  1. cincoseisdos

    Was LAXRolex 50 cents jeweler who got his #@@ beat?

    Watching TMZ Live and the dude looked mighty similar to LAX lulz
  2. cincoseisdos

    House cleaners dispose of evicted suicide victim's body, thinking it's a 'mannequin' Vol Damb fLa House cleaners dispose of evicted suicide victim's body, thinking it's a 'mannequin'
  3. cincoseisdos

    Teacher arrested on child porn charges for showing pics during presentation

    Sick, But TBH this was the first thought I had :{
  4. cincoseisdos

    Vaping juices? Nahh, we vape booze in THIS thread (Vid & Article) VOL. Dat Jerry Rice Hairline doe.. Watching this on the news, I couldn't help but stare at the dome and think of NT :lol :{ But on a bit more serious note, inhaling alcohol?!
  5. cincoseisdos


    these are my five words
  6. cincoseisdos

    Official 2018 Los Angeles Dodgers Thread : Game 4

    Sup everybody, been ghost around these parts for some time but i'm back after a good morning :lol Is everybody as pumped as I am for this season? Let's get this started. Offseason Transactions: What are everybody's realistic expectations for this season? Tonight in Anaheim, let's get this...
  7. cincoseisdos

    2012 Secret Santa Thread: Master lists posted PG1

    Let me start off by saying, should we do it again? I think we had about 10 deadbeats last year, a big increase from the year before when I first ran it. I'm a bit unsure if we should attempt this again, as i'm sure some of you are of participating any further, whether you had a deadbeat or not...
  8. cincoseisdos

    STAY/GET BACK IN SHAPE VOL 3.0 -- A New Niketalk = A New Thread

    With the thread that exists here, it's severely outdated, it's time for a new thread. Here's the old one: Intro to supplements:
  9. cincoseisdos

    In this thread we see a Yaris unloading 9 people

    Can't embed.
  10. cincoseisdos

    "Like this pic for ______" -_-

    WHO THE $+#! STARTED THIS?! I hate seeing these pictures. I HIGHLY doubt me "liking" a picture is doing ANYTHING for whatever the picture contains. I wish there were a way to disable all of these pictures. I don't want to see this stuff on my timeline. Who else feels the same way I do? INB4 
  11. cincoseisdos

    OFFICIAL 2012 LOS ANGELES DODGERS THREAD : 68-58 Dodgers/BoSox complete minimal trade

    Sup fellas. Burned out waiting for April 1st. FEBRUARYDATETRANSACTIONFebruary 23, 2012Claimed OF Matt Angle off waivers from Baltimore and added him to the 40-man roster. Placed RHP Rubby De La Rosa on the 60-day DL.February 23, 2012Claimed OF Matt Angle off waivers from Baltimore and added him...
  12. cincoseisdos

    NT, do you use a night teeth grinding guard? Any recommendations?

    So, two weeks ago I went to the dentist for a check up, and they asked if I notice that I grind my teeth or clatter in my sleep, I said no. They mentioned my options, and that was that. It wasn't until last night that I DID notice it, it woke me up maybe three times. I looked at a few OTC guards...
  13. cincoseisdos

    First time i'm going to Las Vegas, all I care about is boozing for the low VOL play the tables?

    So i'm going to LV this weekend, staying at Planet Hollywood. I hate clubs, never cared for Vegas or the experience. With that said, i'd like to get booze for as cheap as possible. My boy was going to go, he plays the tables, and I was going to leech off of him by sitting in the next chair...
  14. cincoseisdos


    : Esta madre esta pero PERRONA � Just saw this on my wall, thought i'd share
  15. cincoseisdos

    Papaya King is set to open up in LA

    I've heard about this place for YEARS whether it be on TV or from people checking it out in their travels in the past, Papaya has to be one of the most disgusting fruits out there so that aspect doesn't sound appetizing at all. They just started a food truck this week and will be opening their...
  16. cincoseisdos

    Idiot gangmember tattoos unsolved crime scene on chest, gets convicted for murder VOL :),0,1399043.story Gang tattoo leads to a murder conviction By Robert Faturechi, Los Angeles Times April 22, 2011 The process was routine. L.A. County Sheriff's homicide investigator Kevin Lloyd was flipping through snapshots...
  17. cincoseisdos

    What TV shows are you addicted to? A&E and Travel Channel got me tough

    I've been wanting to make this thread for about a few weeks now ALL of the auction shows (Auction Kings, Storage Wars, Auction Hunters) Pawn Stars Sons of Guns Parking Wars No Reservations And tonight I got hooked on Triple Rush    Aside from those it's Gossip Girl, The Office and...
  18. cincoseisdos

    wrong subforum...lock

  19. cincoseisdos

    Orange County Republican Party Official e-mails "Obama Monkey Family" picture

    OC GOP chairman says Obama ape pic 'Dripping with racism' HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Civil rights activists are calling on an Orange County Republic party official to step down after she sent an email with a picture depicting President Barack Obama as a chimpanzee. Marilyn Davenport...
  20. cincoseisdos

    *PAGING TEAM FITNESS* NT I need your help with some votes VOL.HuntFitnessClassic #Alpha

    Sup NT, Trying to see if you guys can help out a friend that is competing in this online bodybuilding competition. Doesnt take much and you can do so by sending a quick e-mail to with the name ERIK OLMOS in the subject header , that's it. Might be some free samples in this...
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