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  1. blacklion23

    Nike Air Max Plus Thread

    Please lock if info has already been posted. I was searching Nike TN on eBay and noticed the orange blaze AM Plus was available and was listed as a 2013 retro. I used google and found this article posted back in April on Sneakernews...
  2. blacklion23

    Blacklion23's Sneaker Collection New Pics Added

    What's up NT fam!? I want to share my collection with you guys. I'm currently in the process of selling a lot of my retro colorway Jordans. Kobes, Lebrons, and KDs have taken over my life. I'm keeping all my OG colorways and the retro colorways I truly favor. I'm not done collecting Jordans but...
  3. blacklion23

    Are You Kidding Me!? Eddie Long crowned King

    This dude truly has a cult following him. Does this make him a Christian-Rabbi? SMH at the people following him.
  4. blacklion23

    Your Thoughts On Child Immunization/With It or Against It?

    Personally, Im against it. But, at the same time, I'm afraid I may put my children at risk if I don't have them vaccinated. The idea of injecting a germ, or "watered down version of the disease" as a doctor told me, just baffles me. I believe your immune system is built to automatically fight...
  5. blacklion23

    Popeyes Wicked Chicken is Back!!!!!!

    If you haven't tried it I suggest you do. Mess is !
  6. blacklion23

    Official Jordan Fly Wade Thread

    Felt these needed their own thread since it was confirmed they were not a Air Jordan 2K11. I'm really feeling the Infrared pair! Pics via
  7. blacklion23

    2pac- Words Of Wisdom

    This is my favorite song from Pacs first album, 2pacalypse Now. The Rebel>The Thug though The Thug=The Rebel
  8. blacklion23

    They Say Moses Split The Red Sea...

    I split the blunt and roll a fat one, Im deadly, Babylon beware
  9. blacklion23

    NT, Put Me On To Final Fantasy.

    Over the years Ive admired the graphics of the game. I never tried to play it because when I finally noticed it they were at like part 7 or something. I always figured it was one of them games that you had to play from part 1. I just found that part 1 and part 2 are availabe through iTunes. Is...
  10. blacklion23

    Does anyone know what type of dog this is?

    My neighbors moved out and left the lil guy. They weren't taking care of him to begin with him. He's probably like 3-4 months old. I was thinking of keeping him but he's not the kind of dog I want. But my lil girl loves him so I just may keep him.
  11. blacklion23

    09 Air Jordan 11 Space Jam Compared to OG All-Stars and Bulls CW

    I'm pretty bored, figured Id share some pics I took of my Air Jordan XIs. Me, I love OG Jordans, especially XIs, XIIs, and XIIIs. Though they were all made over 10 years ago, I have found some to be very durable. I even have a special appreciation for foggy holograms on the XIIIs. But back to...
  12. blacklion23

    Dirty Family Members

    My girl just found out her father and older sister have been using her social to do all kind of mess. They've taken out a mortgage and car loan plus multiple credit cards. Her younger sister told her that the older one said she was approved for a Nordstrom card two years ago. This was the first...
  13. blacklion23

    Phineas and Ferb Appreciation

    Phineas and Ferb is the best cartoon I've seen in years. It's one of the only show I can watch with my kids.
  14. blacklion23

    Anyone watching the American Music Awards

    Why was Eminem and TI going against Michael Jackson for best Pop/Rock artist? Makes no sense at all.
  15. blacklion23

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 First DLC Pack Vol. CARNAGE

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 just got better. Five new characters will be available for download. The characters include Black Panther, Cable, Magneto, Psylocke,and Carnage. New achievements and simulations will also be available. Can someone embed? Sorry if im late...
  16. blacklion23

    Nike 94' Junior Seau

    Between 93' and 94' Nike released a football sneaker that from what I remember was a shoe for Jr. Seau. They had a number of colorways. The shoe had astrap with the Nike sign on it. Any info or pics?
  17. blacklion23

    I just missed my chance to work for Nike.

    Today I was suppose to go to a group interview at the Nike Factory in Dawsonville, Ga. at 2pm. The problem is that Dawsonville is over an hour away from whereI stay. My car is a piece of crap and would not survive 30 minutes of the trip before it ran hot. There is no alternate way to...
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