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  1. Zainjal26

    Happy holidays NT

    just wanted to say a quick happy holidays to everyone on NT ITS BEEN A REALLY ROCKY ****ED UP YEAR hopefully 2021 is better what are y’all doing for the holidays?
  2. Zainjal26

    California to ban gasoline cars by 2035 Thoughts?
  3. Zainjal26

    Rolling Stones top 500 greatest albums of all time thoughts?
  4. Zainjal26

    Jeff bezos makes 13 billion while the world broke

  5. Zainjal26

    Quick question / urgent help

    Yesterday at Macy’s I was with my 5 year old ex step son ( were very close still) And while he was messing up a whole bunch of things while shopping for colognes he tossed an Armani cologne into our bag in his smartcart that was basically a car for kids to be in while in the mall Can I take it...
  6. Zainjal26

    Financial crisis 2020?

    just a general question because I’m reading this all over newspapers and news stations Do you guys think the bubble is about to pop again and we’re about to have another repeat of the financial crisis? Mods If thread is useless please feel free to delete
  7. Zainjal26

    Hey fellas need a favor.... again

    BEFORE I START IF THIS IS THE WRONG PLACE IM SORRY AND MODS CAN DELETE last time y’all helped me out with depression, now I need another favor for my New York boys I support my mom and dad and little sister, since none of them are able to work. Got laid off yesterday, my accounting firm got...
  8. Zainjal26

    Carbon dioxide is officially at the highest level its ever been worldwide We’re ****ed
  9. Zainjal26

    Need help with fellow NT bros

    anyone know the best way to get through a breakup? Just found out my wife of 5 years was cheating on me. Y’all wanna flame me it’s all good, I deserve it Like deadass my life is gods trashcan right now. Anyone know the best way to get through a breakup? Im really really hurting badly right now.
  10. Zainjal26

    It’s finna be the day after tomorrow

    it’s about to be the day after tomorrow
  11. Zainjal26


    so long story short, I have been down on my luck and desperately searching for jobs all over indeed and linkedin, so apparently this dude jacks my email and phone number off of indeed and texts me saying “ this is a reply to your application to be a personal assistant for me, I have a ton of...
  12. Zainjal26

    Goku vs Superman

    the question asked more times than any other Goku vs Superman Who wins?
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