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  1. junglejim

    The Official 2020 NFL Offseason Thread - The Cleveland Steamer

    First and foremost congrats to the Chiefs, the cheeseburger eating Kool-aid man, the young GOAT Patty Mahomes, and the one KC fan lurking out there. It was an incredible season and way overdue. Here is a look at every team sitting with a decent amount of salary going into the offseason...
  2. junglejim

    2019 Week 6 WIR Thread - Bruce Arians Been Whispering In The Wrong Hole

    Here is your week of NFL action -Jameis Winston is All-Time Great at throwing the ball to the wrong team Jameis had more turnovers yesterday than the following QBs have had all season: Jackson P. Rivers R. Fitzpatrick J. Flacco A. Dalton C. Keenum J. Garoppolo K. Murray T. Brady D. Carr J...
  3. junglejim

    Official Week-In-Review Thread - Week 4 - Buc Em Celebrates the Bucs superbowl win this weekend

    WIR going forward is going to exclude clown quotes due to the fact that new NT wont let you search Old Niketalks posts, so unless there is some dumb *** **** posted (looking at you @buc em) quotes will be minimal. But here we go. NFL -The 49ers are the only undefeated team left in the NFC. I...
  4. junglejim

    The Official WIR Thread - Week 3 - Holy **** The 49ers are 3-0

    What a weekend. Lets start with America's dumpster fire: THAT LASTED A WHOLE GOD DAMN WEEK:rofl: FREE MIKE EVANS -Daniel Jones now has more or as many touchdowns this season than the following players: Baker Mayfield Drew Brees Eli Manning Ryan Fitzpatrick Sam Darnold Kirk Cousins Ben...
  5. junglejim

    Official NFL Week-In-Review Thread - Week 2 Dolphins lose by 50 to Insert Random NFL Team Here

    NFL -Hope Big Ben's rape elbow is fine @buc em only had to wait 10 years to say the bucs are in first place. I'm sure that will last -Couple 49ers got put in Jail for committing beastiality in Ohio -Raiders fans were on top of the world for about 10 seconds this weekend. Then Patrick Mahomes...
  6. junglejim

    NFL WIR - Week 1 (The Winston Clown Show)

    Alright fellas, here is your recap of week one Winston :rofl: - scores more TDS for the 49ers than Jimmy G did. Also threw more picks to the 49ers than they had all of last year. THIS WAS THE YEAR WINSTON TURNS IT AROUND. In year 5. In the NFL. Playing for the Bucs Jimmy G:rofl: Josh...
  7. junglejim

    NT Sports Festivus Thread (air your grievances here)

    In order to stop clogging up the NFL thread, im going to start a new thread for this. Over the last year or so I've noticed a real crack down on some friendly banter between NT users. I'll be the first to state that most of us know each other on some personal level so any trash talking usually...
  8. junglejim

    Trading shoes on Ebay

    Hi all, This may be the wrong forum for this but I need a little help.  I've been buying and selling stuff on ebay for awhile and currently am selling a pair of used Baron Jordan XIII's.  Someone contacted me via ebay to do a trade for a pair of Gamma XI's.  Obviously im interested pending the...
  9. junglejim

    Jordan XII Low taxis

    Hi all, I was wondering if I could get a price check on these for a friend.  They are a 9/10 condition, he was wondering what to sell for.
  10. junglejim

    basketball rule question

    alright niketalk I was playing basketball tonight and player A jumped in the air and threw the basketball off of player B who was in bounds then the ball bounced off player B and then hit player A who was out of bounds. which players is out on?
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