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  1. rexanglorum

    ***American Social Science Thread***

    I love the Politics Thread but I wanted a thread that was less adversarial and that could hold discussions that are outside of the daily news cycle. So anything related to economics, race, gender, demographics, long term political trends, political philosophies and any other big picture issue...
  2. rexanglorum

    Satire Alert: Rex Anglorumsen, Nordic Economist, "How to Solve The Unemployed Problem"

    Hello to everybody's today reading a paper such as mine. My name is Rex Anglorumsen, PhD. I have been for many years studying Economic and Political Economic studies I am here to talk to all of you about such ways as we could find so as to solve the various problem of the unemployment. In my...
  3. rexanglorum

    Summer Drink Recipes vol. Rex's Rich as a Lannister Sangria

    Summer is getting hot and we need some drinks for the parties. We need some drinks to deal with the heat during a BBQ, Pool Party, Garden Party, Family Luncheon or anything else. You got to have something refreshing for the ladies (for most of the guys too because when it is triple digits, I do...
  4. rexanglorum

    (Spoilers) ASOIAF Books Discussion (All Books Read Edition) (Spoilers)

    I am making this thread for anyone who has finished A Dance With Dragons If you have not finished that book, what are you waiting for?! I love these books and have great deal to say but for now I turn the floor over to the somewhat next level readers of ASOIAF on NT.
  5. rexanglorum

    Thank You Trader Joe's vol. Super Sandwich (Sweet and Savory Reunited)

    I want to remind everyone that this post, the food mentioned in this post and how it tastes to me, are all coming from a position of sobriety (aside from the small glass of wine being drunk with this dish). There is also a recipe at the end of the post. Thanks to Trader Joe's I just made one of...
  6. rexanglorum

    A Free Field Manual For College Writing, With Cliff Notes/Reference Section.

    While most college classes can be fun, you will have some classes that you must take. For most majors, writing is the most important skill. For some disciplines, mathematics is the most important but writing is usually the the second most important. In addition, even if you take a math heavy...
  7. rexanglorum

    The Best Video Game From Elementary, Middle, High School, College, ect.

    This should be a good way to see how young or old our fellow Nters are and maybe spark a debate about the best games in each time period. There are so many good games I had to devide up elementary, high school and college into early and late. Early Elementary: Legend of Zelda, A Link to the...
  8. rexanglorum

    Finding Consensus On Economic Policy (Participation Encouraged)

    With all of the heated debate and discussion about politics in general and about Economic policies in particular, I thought it might be nice for those of us who regularly post about politics and the economy to find area where we actually broadly agree. I am going to put out a few simple...
  9. rexanglorum

    Left wing and Right Wing and Media Perversion of Important Words

    In these trying times, clarity, in our language and our words, is essential. Unfortunately, both the political left and the political right have taken important words, related to important issues related to society, politics and morality and changed them into something completely different and...
  10. rexanglorum

    Does President Obama Care About High Unemployment?

    (for those with a strong aversion to reading, lack of time or those who have been closely been following current events, skip the details and back story and simply jump to the last two paragraphs.) Clearly he wants to get reelected, like almost all politicians and he wants unemployment to be...
  11. rexanglorum

    Rex Presents "An Economist Who Loves Hip Hop" vol. we are getting old

    I am actually not that old but because most of use start to establish our tastes in music (or at least start to get our own CD's and discmans in our early teens) I have been into music and primary among that music has been hip hop. I am sure that others in this forum, if they do the math will...
  12. rexanglorum

    Rex's semi monthly column for January 2011. Subject: The Arizona Attacks

    As more and more facts emerge regarding the senseless bloodshed in Arizona, the more and more the left wing, authoritarian narrative of “heated political rhetoric
  13. rexanglorum

    Geography and Culture Can Be More Important than Religion.

    .A liberal Pakistani was attacked by Muslim extremists as retaliation for his views on Pakistan's harsh laws against free speech leveled against those who speak ill of Islam. Waht we must remember is that The Taliban extremists in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Northern India are from a proud...
  14. rexanglorum

    Rex's Semi Monthly Column Is Back: Read If You Have Time And Coffee

    This entry is especially lengthy. It is mostly focused on history and not economics or politics or the policy debates of the moment. In my next few columns I will get to that. This article covers a variety of things, it starts with a history of West Africa and moves to a history of Slavery and...
  15. rexanglorum

    To My Progressive Friends Here, How Would You Make The Tax Code

    To my Americans progressive friends in this community, I have heard a lot of talk about taxes recently. The discussion is usually centered very narrowly on whether or not to increase taxes households making over 250k per year. I wanted to get your thoughts on taxation more broadly and wanted to...
  16. rexanglorum

    Why This Libertarian Wants a More Progressive President Obama

    Many of my strongest criticisms of President Obama is that he has, far too often, continued, if not escalated some of the worst policies of George W. Bush. The bailouts for banks (and the growing interconnection between American finance and politics), the bailouts for Detroit, Wire tapping...
  17. rexanglorum

    Rex's Monthly Econ Topic: July Edition-What Government Does Well

    Those of you who read my posts about Economics know that I am a libertarian but today I am going to list some of the ways that government increases the total level of utility, happiness, in society at large. Government can use its size and coercive power to manage externalities, provide public...
  18. rexanglorum

    Double Topic, Please delete

  19. rexanglorum

    My New Monthly Economics Thread: Regulation Causes Catastrophe

    As someone who works in finance during the week and plays on and near the ocean during the weekend, the Wall Street coup of 2008 and the 2010 BP Oil catastrophe have both been distressing. Even more distressing is the fact that so many people, including opinion shapers in the media, refuse to...
  20. rexanglorum

    The Real Solution To The Immigration Problem

    It has been understood that poverty causes most people to emigrate from Latin America. No two countries sharing a land border have such dramatic differences in GDP per capita as do the US and Mexico. When the average unskilled Mexican worker can make six times as much because he crosses an...
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