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  1. Maximus Meridius

    R&B Thread About Nothing

    Can't find another thread strictly about R&B so I just said **** it might as well make a R&B version of the usual thread. A good amount of us post R&B there but that thread is filled with so much stuff gets lost. Post what you bumpin past and present/debate from the greatest genre created. :hat
  2. Maximus Meridius

    Wu Tang Forever appreciation vol. 20 years

    This was one of the first epic sounding, ahead of it's time Hip Hop albums I heard. The lyrics, the production. It's like a long great Hip Hop book. Love the Popa Wu intro all the way down to the Raekwon closing.
  3. Maximus Meridius

    G Perico next from LA?? Vol. He haaarrrd cuz

    Sound like early DJ Quik :hat
  4. Maximus Meridius

    I was sleepin Vol. Z-Ro

    @ myself I was listening to Ross's Blessing In Disguise a few days ago and I realized I never listened to a Z-Ro album and today I listened to I'm Still Livin and some other songs. He really a Bun B/Nate Dogg fusion.
  5. Maximus Meridius

    Raekwon new album The Wild

    Not eem done bumping it but this joint sounding real flavorful kid. :hat :hat
  6. Maximus Meridius

    Tracy Morgan still the GOAT at interviews

  7. Maximus Meridius

    Nasir's Hidden/Forgotten gems

    The poetry
  8. Maximus Meridius

    B.G. Appreciation

    Time to appreciate was one of the OG young prodigy street rappers. One of the best street tales/real life stories/spoke for the real N's rappers.
  9. Maximus Meridius

    We still saying Kiss The Game Goodbye was bad??

    Kiss and Nas going in. Black hoody and timbs music One of the best hip hop songs ever Styles went off on here The Warren and Nate sample. Kiss skated on here. Nate with the hook :hat X and Kiss :x :x :x they emptied the clip And it's other good songs on here. To this...
  10. Maximus Meridius

    T.I, Quavo and Meek with the greatness

    :hat :hat
  11. Maximus Meridius

    Nas - Life Is Good appreciation

    4 years later the album still holds up. No Introduction :hat Justice League laced him on that Loco-Motive :hat flashback to 94 Nas Stay :hat :hat Nas flowing on that Jazz beat Cherry Wine :hat :hat :hat Amy Winehouse voice Bye Baby :hat Grown man music Nasty :hat 80's drug...
  12. Maximus Meridius

    Where Jon B at?? Vol. Coolest white boy ever

    This man had classics. OG white boy of R&B. Influenced Drake. Had the sistahs in his videos. :hat
  13. Maximus Meridius

    Do we appreciate Master P enough??

    I been going back listening to his ****. Too many gems. :hat
  14. Maximus Meridius

    Devante Swing Appreciation vol. underrated genius

    This dude was so far ahead of the game. Beats 20+ years old and these songs coulda been made yesterday. :hat
  15. Maximus Meridius

    Ghostface Fishscale Appreciation

    What a great album this was. Kilo :hat Beauty Jackson (Wish it was longer) :hat :hat The lil kid skit :rollin Whip You With A Strap :hat Clipse Of Doom (Ghost snapped) :eek :hat Big Girl (That sample) :hat Momma :( :hat Album was perfect.
  16. Maximus Meridius

    Love advice from Killa Cam

    I know Cam is a legend 'round NT. :rollin
  17. Maximus Meridius

    Corey Holcomb 5150 show appreciation

    I got put on to this show from listening to Zo's show a few months ago. I ain't even know Corey was this funny, dude is WILD.
  18. Maximus Meridius

    Who got more classics/great albums than this dude??

    Came out the gate with 2 classics in one year Hibernated for a while then gave y'all this I'm just asking.
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