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  1. Master Zik

    ⚖ Your Honor {Miniseries} 10pm on Showtime ⚖

    First episode is already out there early.
  2. Master Zik

    Man Gets His Driver’s Licence & Immediately Drives Into A River Mr Zhang was distracted reading messages on his mobile phone congratulating him for...
  3. Master Zik

    × Breeders × on FX Mon 10pm

    On now. Rewiring right after and then one more time around 1:30am EST.
  4. Master Zik

    Ω Godfather of Harlem on EPIX Sun 10pm Ω Starring Forest Whittaker

    Premieres tonight after the season finale of Pennyworth and the rest of the season comes after Get Shorty First 2 episodes already available on demand. Features Malcolm X pretty prominently in the story. Really dope so far. Cast is pretty stacked with GianCarlo, D'Onorfio, Elvis, etc...
  5. Master Zik

    × A Black Lady Sketch Show × HBO Friday 11pm

    Show just been getting funnier. These women wild And Gabrielle Dennis is so ****ing fine
  6. Master Zik

    °| Sherman's Showcase on IFC |° Wed. @ 10pm

  7. Master Zik

    *Warning: The Official Spoiler Thread* Vol. We Spoiling Everything B!

    Soooooo this is a thread for the non-terry cloth very soft, anti-I need a safe space don't spoil me culture. This is for tv shows, streaming series, movies, books, video games, baby genders, etc. Spoil anything you want to discuss. NO SPOILER TAGS NEEDED Think of this as a temporary spot...
  8. Master Zik

    ~Escape at Dannemora on Showtime Sun 10pm Starring Arquette, Dano & Del Toro ~

    This some nasty freaky mundane interesting **** :Nthat
  9. Master Zik

    ¡ ° Mr. Inbetween on FX S2 Premieres Thurs 9/12 ° ¡

    "Mr Inbetween" is a half-hour drama series inspired by the cult film "The Magician." It centers around Ray Shoesmith -- a father, ex-husband, boyfriend and best friend. All tough roles to juggle in the modern age, but it's even harder when you're a criminal for hire. Shoesmith is a man who has...
  10. Master Zik

    Random Acts of Flyness on HBO

    :nthat: :lol:
  11. Master Zik

    Ω Final Space on Cartoon Network Mondays @ 11:30pm Ω

    1st ep
  12. Master Zik

    ¤~The Terror on AMC Mondays @ 9pm~¤

    :hat Totally locked in
  13. Master Zik

    *The Alienist* Mondays @ 9pm on TNT

    Special Sunday night premiere on TNT & TBS. Normally airing on Mondays @ 9pm :nthat:
  14. Master Zik

    The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (Wed 10pm)

    Already started :nthat: Oh I see this is some talented Mr. Ripley **** just done to a rich AND famous guy.
  15. Master Zik

    Black Lightning (CW Series) Season 4 Premiere 2/8 Series Finale

    :nthat: Starts @ 9pm on Monday.
  16. Master Zik

    R. Kelly Makes Fun of Autistic Fan Vol. Smoking On That Percocet

    Apology already included in the vid. Now I laughed at this vid :lol and that's after I knew about the controversy and that the fan was autistic. Cuz Kelly wasn't making fun of him cuz he was autisitic. He just thought he was high. This isn't the first time Kelly has posted fan interactions...
  17. Master Zik

    Is It Just Me Or Did They Jack This Beat? Vol. Too Many Zooz vs. Style Boyz

    So I'm just watching tv and that Google pixel 2 commercial comes on with the instrumental behind it Not the first time they did it, got one with Still Not A Playa. I hear this and I'm like that's that song from them dudes that had that movie. I can't think of the group name or song but I'm...
  18. Master Zik

    Question: Would You Let Ya Shorty Do This?

    It honestly would be impressive.
  19. Master Zik

    The Oscars: 2021's 93rd Academy Awards, 8:30pm April 25th ABC

    Start your Oscar winners predictions now Red carpet starts Sunday @ 6pm so you know when to check out all the fine women in their overpriced dresses :nerd: :evil:
  20. Master Zik

    Rhymefest Tries To Report Robbery To The Police, ChicagoPD Insults & Ignores Him Vol. Gun To The Hea

    Rhymefest Films Mistreatment by Police While Reporting Robbery Officer In Rhymefest Robbery Run-In Will Be Disciplined, Rahm Emanuel Says Its gotten ******* horrible when a black man cant even report a crime committed against him and he gets that bull **** :{ Dude is also very...
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