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  1. kingkoopa

    2021 NT March Sadness

    @tr1ll I think voting on women is DEAD! But I would like to continue the tradition some how. I was thinking vocals or rappers but I think it would get moved to the music lobby to die. Movies? Restaurant chains? Cars? Any suggestions, or should we let the past die?
  2. kingkoopa

    How long can you hold your breath?

    I was challenged by my daughter. Got to 56 seconds. No cheating. Clock seconds. Mississippi counts would have probably cut that in half lol.
  3. kingkoopa

    So Whats Good With Subway?

    Subway’s tuna is not tuna, but a ‘mixture of various concoctions,’ a lawsuit alleges (Joe Raedle/Getty Images) By Tim Carman Jan. 27, 2021 at 3:52 p.m. EST This story has been updated. Subway describes its tuna sandwich as “freshly baked bread” layered with “flaked tuna blended with creamy mayo...
  4. kingkoopa


    What will it take?
  5. kingkoopa

    So ummmmmmmm, They're Here Huh? ALIENS! They already just glossed over the fact that they admitted aliens exist. WHY ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS!?!?!?
  6. kingkoopa


    How are you preparing to vote? Have you already voted? Are you confident in your vote? 'Merica!
  7. kingkoopa

    Presidential Debate 2020

    Topics. Trump and Biden Records Supreme Court Covid-19 Da Economy Race and Violence Integrity of the Election
  8. kingkoopa

    Breonna Taylor

    I'm sure theres a thread for her but I'm not finding it. Louisville is setting up barricades ahead of today's decision on whether they charge the cops. Scary ****.
  9. kingkoopa

    Mya Moore. Trppin?

    For the uninitiated, Mya Moore was a super star WNBA player who quit in her prime to pursue her social justice calling. She was fighting to release a wrongfully imprisoned inmate, which was a family friend Johnathan Irons. Irons was released this summer after 20 years, and is now married to...
  10. kingkoopa

    American Flag

    Anytime I see it on someone's truck or car I automatically think they're racist. Am I trippin? How can we get a hold on this? I've remember when the Old Navy flag shorts were a hood staple come the 4th. I think black and brown people need to start waiving this flag more often.
  11. kingkoopa

    Justice for Jacob Blake

    Twitter says he's in serious condition. Hope he pulls through. Shot that man point blank 7 times in the BACK! COWARD *** ***** *** MUTHA****AS!
  12. kingkoopa


    Many years ago my great grandmother passed and left my moms her house. My mother recently gave it to me because it was becoming a burden dealing with it. I'm imagining it hasn't had any updates or repairs since the 70's. Would it be worth trying to fix it up at all or should I just sell it...
  13. kingkoopa

    Any Small Town Nters Vol. Da Sticks, Da Boonies

    I'm pretty sure I've made this thread before but it's a whole different climate in 2020. What's life like? How has 2020 affected how yall live or are yall doin better then city folk?
  14. kingkoopa

    "To Boot" Regional Slang.

    Randomly heard this today and remembered when I was living in the DMV hearing my boss say it a lot. Had no idea wtf he was talking about and decided to look it up today. Basically means "in addition to". Still not a very clear definition imo. Anyone know the origins? Any slang you don't...
  15. kingkoopa

    Happy Juneteenth My Kings

    Feel like this is on its way to being on the level of the 4th.
  16. kingkoopa

    So We Gone Watch Black Bachelor For The Culture?

    NT I would like to introduce you to Matt James. He will be the first African American bachelor in show history. Never seen a second of the Bachelor or Bachelorette but I know the show has a strong cult like following. We gone support this king or yall good?
  17. kingkoopa

    Sooooo We Gone Talk About What Just Happened?

    @Methodical Management? I see those "donations" are going to good use.
  18. kingkoopa

    RIP George Floyd

    Don't care what happened before or what he did to lead to his arrested. Man was in cuffs on on his chest subdued. Officer needs to die TONIGHT!
  19. kingkoopa

    Alabama is about to execute a 100% innocent man

    I must of been out the loop. His name is Nathaniel Woods and he is 100% innocent of the murder of 3 police officers but the state is still set to execute him by tomorrow afternoon. What can we do?
  20. kingkoopa


    Any good mobile games out there? I remember we had a Clash of Clans gang that was 50 deep but that fizzled out years ago for me.
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