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    Super Bowl LV | KC Chiefs vs. TB Buccaneers | COVID Bowl | 6 pm Eastern on CBS

    New thread for the Super Bowl.
  2. Nike Jordan

    2020-21 NFL PLAYOFFS?! THREAD | CBS stands for Chiefs-Bucs Superbowl

    A new thread for the playoffs.
  3. Nike Jordan

    (The New) Saved by the Bell (2020 series) | aka Zack Morris is STILL Trash | Premiering on Peacock Nov. 25

    I didn't want my Zack Morris is Trash thread being ruined by new series that's going to stream NBC's Peacock service. So I made a thread for this series, even though I think it will be trash, just like Zack Morris. :lol:
  4. Nike Jordan

    Saturday Night Live Thread | 11:29 E/8:29 P on NBC

    I decided to make an "official" thread for the long-running sketch comedy because there really wasn't one. And I definitely wasn't going to grave dig and bump up some old thread. :lol:
  5. Nike Jordan

    2021 NFL Off-Season Thread | Russell Wilson out of Seattle?

    It's another year and another NFL thread.
  6. Nike Jordan

    Known The search feature is busted

    I've noticed that you can't search anything that isn't a few weeks old, at that.
  7. Nike Jordan

    The Mandalorian | Live-action Star Wars TV series on Disney+ | Season 3 is coming

    I decided to make a dedicated thread for the Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian. The episodes usually drop around 3 am Eastern on the Disney+ app. Season 2 is already in production.
  8. Nike Jordan

    Numerous gas explosions and multiple houses on fire in Andover/Lawrence, MA

    Any NTers in the Greater Boston, stay safe.
  9. Nike Jordan

    McScam: How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions...

    If you ever wondered why you couldn't win any of the grand prizes from the McDonald's Monopoly game in the 90s, this is why. It's a long read, but the story is worth it.
  10. Nike Jordan

    Imgur pics don't tend to show up...

    ...except for when you quote a post that has an Imgur link.
  11. Nike Jordan

    Zack Morris is Trash...

    Funny or Die has a series called Zack Morris is Trash, which basically breaks down how much of a scumbag and sociopath Zack Morris really was on Saved by the Bell. :lol::sick:
  12. Nike Jordan

    Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. | Limited Series on USA

    There wasn't a thread about this, so I made a thread about this. It's a ten-episode limited series on USA that started on Feb. 27th. It's got a McPoyle investigating Biggie's murder. :lol:
  13. Nike Jordan

    Resolved Embedding from Instagram color error

    Embedding from Instagram comes out in dark instead of white. Can this be fixed?
  14. Nike Jordan

    Dead Malls aka When malls were poppin'...

    After a watching some videos on YouTube on dead malls, I thought it was a good time to make a thread about them. I used to go to the Fairgrounds Square Mall when I was a child, I loved it. Unfortunately, it's fallen off so hard, it's deader than Generalissmo Francisco Franco.
  15. Nike Jordan

    "Hot for Teacher" thread...

    I made this thread because too many people were posting that teacher from Jawja in the "teacher predator" thread when she isn't one (hopefully she'll never be a predator). Now let's post some fine *** teachers! 
  16. Nike Jordan

    Someone uploaded a TON of video game magazine ads from the 90s...

    There's so many photos, I won't even post all of them. It takes me back to when I used to read video game magazines as a child.
  17. Nike Jordan

    The Official Public Transportation Thread...

    It's a thread about anything and everything public transportation.  Stories, pics, whatever. I took some pics from when I was in Toronto last month.  
  18. Nike Jordan

    Amy Jo Johnson dons the Pink Ranger suit in public...

    Basically she made a bet with David Yost (the OG Blue Ranger) that if her movie got funded in time (which it did, you can read about more about it here), she would perform a song in public wearing the Pink Ranger suit. (She's also a singer as well.) She made good on that bet this past weekend...
  19. Nike Jordan

    How the McRib is made...

    I will never get the hype for the McRib sandwich.
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