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  1. Sonny Corinthos

    Malcom X killer might be coming to Justice finally

    Possible Police cover up
  2. Sonny Corinthos

    Queen Latifah new action show "The Eqaulizer " Feb 7 th on CBS I'm going to go in with an open mind . Queen is a legend
  3. Sonny Corinthos

    Messing with the next Man's girl : I want info from some of you Side dudes and Dirty Macks

    Any tales of creepin in and out of homes or hotel rooms with a involved or married chicks currently or in the past ? Do you take the next mans child support check and get fly at Barney's or Saks fifth ave ?
  4. Sonny Corinthos

    Health and Wellness thread Supplements , Nautral Products and Diet , Vitamins and Grooming

    I really got into taking in vitamins and supplements recently : Biotin , Salmon Oil supplements . Vitamin E . This weekend I bought some Dr Sebi Sea Moss and Bladderrack pills and started taking Spirulina . Today I even ordered some Accent Clay soap from amazon to take showers with...
  5. Sonny Corinthos

    I need help finding Ronnie Fieg x Sebago.

    Anybody seen these Ronnie Fieg x Sebago brand new in size 10.5 ? They remind me of the Nautica boots I used to wear in high school
  6. Sonny Corinthos

    TV characters that you wish had their own spin off

    The Shield character David Acevedo had more to give
  7. Sonny Corinthos

    Tiger Woods (American Son ) ESPN Documentry SUNDAY NOV 29TH at 7 pm

    Examines Tiger's personality . How he view himself and how others put expectations on him
  8. Sonny Corinthos

    Anybody try Redwood or Nugenix ?

    I seen commercials for both promising increased energy in the gym . Both aren't cheap even on the secondary markets and Chinatown . Anybody used them yet ?
  9. Sonny Corinthos

    What are the best acting jobs by Rappers in your opinion ? Discuss

    A few off the top of my head : Killa Cam in Paid in Full Kid from Kid and Play in house party 1 & 2 Young Jezzy in Janky Promoters Snopp Dogg in Baby Boy
  10. Sonny Corinthos

    Some Documentaries on Basketball stars

    D Rose
  11. Sonny Corinthos

    Do you believe in Karma ?

    Is Karma real in your eyes ? Are there Life examples that led you to feel or not feel that way
  12. Sonny Corinthos

    Who are the worst NFL coaches of your lifetime

    These guys are just of the top of my head and put a smile on my face when I think about them . These 3 aren't the worst , but there top 20 Rich Kotite Mike Tomasulo Freddy Kitchens
  13. Sonny Corinthos

    Allen Iverson jersey thread : Bubba Chuck Jerseys

    My 95-96 Nike Georgetown AI jerseys
  14. Sonny Corinthos


    ……... Lock it up
  15. Sonny Corinthos

    Great Drugstore answer to Viagra

    Forget all the dangerous Gas station pills , I found out this stuff here is the truth and it's much more affordable . They sell it at most Rite Aid's , CVS and Walgreens now
  16. Sonny Corinthos

    Any really good spots across the country you guys can recommend to get into MMA training

    I live in NYC and would like to know of good gyms for beginners to start out . I figured I'd open to discussion to across the USA to be helpful for others as well.
  17. Sonny Corinthos

    Thoughts on Hair transplants for balding dudes

    I'd just go bald , but some dudes need hair bad
  18. Sonny Corinthos

    The offical Beard thread : Growing and maintenance

    I just started taking growing my beard out and I have ways to go in order to get fullness : I hear uses a wooden comb is good . What products do you guys recommend ? How often do you wash and condition ? How long have you been growing ? etc.
  19. Sonny Corinthos

    How should've Carlito handled Benny from The Bronx ?

    I wish things would've ended different for Carlito
  20. Sonny Corinthos

    What Gym shoes or running shoes do you guys use ?

    I will start working out soon , I want to get a good pair of sneakers for the gym. The Asics nimbus are the only ones I'm familiar with . I'm trying to stay under $150
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