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  1. lynchpin33

    Price Check on a few things

    All items are deadstock: Air Jordan 3 retro white/cement 2001 retro size 13 Air Jordan 12 playoffs (2003-2004 can't remember which year) size 12.5 Air Jordan 6 retro low black/chrome size 13 Air Jordan 5 black /silver retro (2010 version) size 12.5 Just trying to get an idea what the...
  2. lynchpin33

    PC Space Jams size 13 (2009 retro)

    Looking to buy a pair of these from a local guy, they are legit. They are size 13 and D.S. what should I look to pay here? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. lynchpin33

    Price Check CDP Air Jordan 19

    I am in the market to purchase a pair of DEADSTOCK CDP19's. What should I expect to pay for them? Thanks in advance.
  4. lynchpin33

    Jordan 8 retro

    A friend of mine is selling me Jordan 8 retros. They are the Bugs Bunnies and the Chrome 8's. What can I expect to pay for them and are they still wearable? They are Deadstock btw. Thanks in advance.
  5. lynchpin33

    Spacejams 2009 size 13

    What is the going rate on a size 13 deadstock spacejam? Looking at a potential purchase and just wondering what I should expect to part with. THanks in advance.
  6. lynchpin33

    Price Check 13/10 CDP

    is 360 a good price for a deadstock 13/10 pack????
  7. lynchpin33

    Price Check Retro 4 Mars and Jordan Olympic 2004

    Got a guy trying to sell me these shoes both deadstock size 13:  - Mars 4   - Olympic 7 2004 version What should I expect to pay for fair market value??? Thanks in advance for all help....
  8. lynchpin33

    Price Check 2004 Air Jordan 12 playoff

    size 13 deadstock, what should I expect on the market for these?????
  9. lynchpin33

    JOrdan 11 retro

    what is the going rate for Jordan 11 retro size 13 deadstock: cool grey most recent retro space jam most recent retro thanks in advance.
  10. lynchpin33

    Watch Information???

    Trying to get back into watches after years of not wearing one cause of cellphones.  What are some nice watches that people wear today, I am so far out of the loop with this.  Matter of fact let me get an opinion on :  Armani Exchange, Fossill, and Michael Kors....  Thanks in advacne.
  11. lynchpin33

    True Blue 3 (1st Retro)

    So, I sold a friend of mine the True Blue 3 retro from 2001, or 2002, whichever year it came out.  Keep in mind that these shoes were deadstock as well.  He is currently on his honeymoon and he sends me a picture and the shoe as split, the bottom as completely come off of the shoe.  It was the...
  12. lynchpin33

    Planet of the Apes - Mark Whalberg version???

    Just finished watching this on FX and I am wondering why a part 2 was not made.  I actually thought this movie was pretty good.  Do not want to start a thread within in the movie thread but I just wanted to get some ideas on why not.  ( I have not seen the new movie btw) Discuss.
  13. lynchpin33

    Retro 5 question???

    I have the retro 4's that came out in 1999 or whenever it was and has we all know the air bubble is foggy and the midsole has turned to cornbread pretty much and is just crumbling.  I also have the 1st run of the retro 5's that came out and the air bubble is foggy as well.  Difference is the...
  14. lynchpin33

    Batman and Bane question??

    Going through some old stuff today and I found some of my knightfall collection.  I am missing a couple of issues, but if anyone here is in the know just how did Bane figure out who Batman was.  Not interested in comic books anymore but it was something I always wondered.  If you can point me in...
  15. lynchpin33

    Tickets for sporting events

    I know about all the usual LEGIT websites:,, and  Just wondering are their any other LEGIT websites where you can good seats for a decent price?  Thanks in advance.  
  16. lynchpin33

    Student Loan Payoff Appreciation vol. Big ups to the last time I cried thread!!!

    Just like the title reads made my last student loan payment today and actually woke up crying tears of joy because it is finally over.  After working three jobs 2 part time and 1 full time, I can finally let some of that go and enjoy somethings.  First off all I need to thank God for giving me...
  17. lynchpin33

    NBA Hall of Fame???

    It seems that NBA TV will be having the Hall of Fame ceremony on Friday.  Last year espn had it and I was able to watch the entire thing, which was pretty good.  For those like myself who do not have NBA TV, will there be an alternative method to watch the ceremony,  I saw that espn classic had...
  18. lynchpin33

    Nike Air Max2 CB 94 White\Concord\Black

    Will try to keep updated, a must have classic for older heads like myself. updated picture from jayzrdead 7-28-14 info - confirmed for 2015   picture jayzrdead 8-11-14   confirmed this summer (June -July) by jshortt 3-17-2015   possible image provided by  ETLamborghini on 7/5/15
  19. lynchpin33

    Where to find A+ certification info?????.

    Just came down on the job today, that everyone who works in my dept., will need to be A+ certified by the end of the year.  The job will pay for the exam but not our study material, where is the best place to find this info for free or for little or nothing.  Thanks for any help in advance.
  20. lynchpin33

    nike air bakin review request

    just picked up a pair of the retro air bakin's, anyone have a review of the most recent retro version?  thanks in advance...
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