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  1. rcjbbp1313

    Late 80s early 90s basketball shoes

    Why can’t we get some unique retros of some of the great Flights and others from the late 80s and early 90s besides the ones they continually retro? Which would you like to see?
  2. rcjbbp1313

    OG Nike Air Penny 2 question

    Hello hello sneaker heads. I love the OG Penny 2 and want an OG pair and I know the air bubble is toast but does the midsole crumble or just separate? Anyone know first hand? Thanks in advance.
  3. rcjbbp1313

    Jordan 1 Blue Moon size 11

    Jordan Blue moon size 11 DS for $275 plus shipping.
  4. rcjbbp1313

    Jordan 1 Pine green

    $225 plus shipping, size 11 and DS. Let me know.
  5. rcjbbp1313


    $250 plus shipping, size 11 and DS. Let me know
  6. rcjbbp1313

    Will we get some XXI retros any time?

    Very under rated shoe i think and had potential to do well with some good colorways (although we know the crazy colors they would use on the retros). Anyone else want these retro'd?
  7. rcjbbp1313

    90s Nike retros

    can we post all of the Nike’s from the 90s that we either want to release or are scheduled to release? I’ll start... I would love to see some Devest8s And some turmoils. Keep it going.
  8. rcjbbp1313

    Nike Dvest8

    these would be a retail cop for me, always wanted a pair especially this color, anyone else like them?
  9. rcjbbp1313

    RIP Thread, post your dead kicks. Prayers for every sole lost.

    I'll start off with my 3 lost soles today. Ndestrukts, penny 1 asia hoop pack and Pillars RIP!
  10. rcjbbp1313

    DS Legend blue XIs size 11 for sale

    Size 11 Legend Blue Jordan XIs DS. Has the original box and inserts and is DS. Paypal is my method of payment and the price includes shipping within the lower 48 united states. PM me for any other questions, concerns or pics. References are in my signature and my ebay name is RCJbbp13 with 100%...
  11. rcjbbp1313

    Jordan XI Cool Grey for sale in great condition size 11.5

    Size 11.5 Cool Grey Jordan XIs from 2010 with minimal yellowing and creasing. Has the original box and inserts and is in amazing condition (i think i wore them 5 times at the most and they were cleaned after each use). Paypal is my method of payment and the price includes shipping within the...
  12. rcjbbp1313

    DMP XI only, in great condition (see pics for condition)

    I have my size 11 DMP XIs for sale because i dont wear them and need to make room in the closet. They are in great condition and have minimal yellowing (still icy clear on the side pods) and creasing. They also come with the keychain and booklet and half of the DMP box. Look at the pics and...
  13. rcjbbp1313

    WANTED!!!! Nike air Barrage size 10.5, 11 or 11.5

    Like the heading says i want some Nike Air Barrages in size 10.5, 11 or 11.5. I would prefer the black white colorway but am willing to get almost any colorway if possible for a decent deal via paypal invoice. No gift needed as i will pay the fee. PM me here or at Thanks for...
  14. rcjbbp1313

    Can we get a Nike Barrage retro sometime?

    I was just talking with my friend (who had the OGs back in 8th grade and i was mad jealous of lol) about shoes that we wished would release and these came up, man the things i would do for a proper retro of the black/white pair and the black/white/blue pair. Anyone else love this shoe, lets talk...
  15. rcjbbp1313

    FINAL PRICE DROP!!!!VNDS 2001 Playoff (Black/red) XI size 10.5 $250 shipped anywhere in the US! Anyw

    Size 10.5 2001 Black/Red XIs in VNDS condition (have literally been worn around 3 times total) pictures speak for themselves. I will ship for $250 anywhere in the US (payment via paypal) and will ship internationally but that will cost extra. If you want any specific pictures please ask and i...
  16. rcjbbp1313

    Will we get Mens low top XIII's again?

    We got the low top XIs to release in many colorways but will we ever get some low top XIIIs to release like the black/navy pair or the ceramic pair? I would love to own a few since getting older the mid/high XIIIs dont really do it for me since they would be casual wear anyways. Anyone else...
  17. rcjbbp1313

    "Flu Game" not actually the flu?!

    Found this article today, it is interesting but whether it was the flu or not doesnt make it less amazing, look for yourself.
  18. rcjbbp1313

    Nike air Barrage (Marshal Faulk sig shoe) wearable?

    I want this shoe very badly but if they crumble i will not waste my time and i have never heard anything on this shoe crumbling which hopefully is a good thing. Can someone please let me know if they have any experience with this shoe being wearable or not? Also if this is in the wrong section...
  19. rcjbbp1313

    With all these 90s trainers can we get these too??!!

    Nike Air Ubiquitous i might be one of the few who loved this shoe, let me know if you're a fan as well, or if this shoe sucks lol i would buy them in a heart beat if they were done well.        
  20. rcjbbp1313

    We know and have seen seaglow results but what about their "sealer"

    It says on the island girl website that it seals in the rubber and helps prevent oxidation, has anyone tried it to see if it slows down the yellowing? if not im going to do my jams and seal them and keep everyone updated but if you have tried please post your pics or tell us your experience please.
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