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  1. smedroc

    *** The Chronic Pain Thread ***

    This is inspired by some of the mental health subjects i’ve been seeing in general forums. That and popularity of the washed thread :lol: Of course our physical wellbeing plays a huge part in how we are doing mentally and i know chronic pain is a beast a lot of people have to face. Thought...
  2. smedroc

    What shoes do you hoop in??

    Mods move if necessary but i figured this isn’t brand specific and i’m seeking the opinion of a broader audience if possible... So i’m looking for something thats wider fitting and comfortable from the rip (no break in phase) Any recommendations?
  3. smedroc

    Chris Carter fired from FS1??

    Just saw some random videos in my recommended Section on youtube. Whats the word on this??
  4. smedroc

    White kid killin grime scene - Aitch

    This kid been making a lot of noise the last 12 months. Bars, flow and charisma are on point. Feel free to enjoy, hate or be indifferent :pimp:
  5. smedroc

    What if your girl went viral??

    Typically I think of this when i see these vids of chicks getting decimated and exposed. Usually it's a series of pictures from their social media of them looking all cuffed up with their partner and then the final frame will be pics/vids of them stepping out and getting piped down. Now lets...
  6. smedroc

    Boundaries in a relationship...

    Where do you draw the lines with your partner in regards to privacy?? Particularly with mobile phones and online accounts. I know it's not uncommon for insecure/suspicious partners to want to have passwords to phones, have access to social media account etc. To me that is insane and I'll...
  7. smedroc

    **The Robotics thread**

    Every now and then i'll freak myself out with a trip to the Boston Dynamics youtube page. The most recent incarnations are quite unsettling :{ The spot mini hips are more fluid than my own. When it's head was in one fixed spot and it circled round I almost pissed myself :{ Please post...
  8. smedroc

    ***Non monogamous relationships***

    Any of my NT brethren currently in or previously experienced non monogamous relationships?? I been discussing the prospect with my girl and i think we both agree it's something that's inevitable at some point down the road. I love her but i think it's unrealistic to expect any one person to...
  9. smedroc

    Open relationships, swinging and all that good stuff.....

    Anybody currently in or previously been in a non monogamous situation?? I've spoken to a couple girls who identify as polygamous and the concept sounds draining. Seems like it would be a case of more people, more problems for the most part. That being said having watched countless...
  10. smedroc

    ***The Universe: The Most Astounding fact - Neil deGrasse Tyson***

    Any time you need a little bit of perspective just take 3 mins to watch this...
  11. smedroc

    ***Official Yoga thread***

    check her instagram.... :{ Thirst aside though i'm looking to get into this. I've been playing with Callisthenics and gymnastic exercise for a while now but most of that ish can be traced back to yoga. For core strength/stability and flexibility you can't really **** with it. Other than...
  12. smedroc

    ***Red Bull Stratos - New space jump GoPro footage***

    I didn't know whether to shed a tear or **** my pants. Phenomenal.
  13. smedroc

    ***Chase and Status ft. Pusha T - Machine Gun***

    C&S new album got some bangers!!:x Brand New Machine...
  14. smedroc

    ***NT Olmpians 2016: Vol. Lose first round so i can chill in the village***

    It's roughly a year since the initial threats were made so i figured it's time for an update.... After hearing about all the after hours activities that went down at the London games, i remember a fair amount of dudes swearing up and down that they would try and make the handball team so they...
  15. smedroc

    **Anybody else blow dry dere boxers??**

    To get you back on point cause you got a slight bit of moisture going on with your boys? Especially through the summer months... In an ideal world, every time this happened throughout the day you would shower up and change your draws. But this world is far from ideal.
  16. smedroc

    **How adventurous do bed bugs get??**

    Need a little help on a diagnosis.... Anybody ever received insect/bug bites on the sack?? Sitting here with a couple nipples on my ball bag right now and i can't put a on finger on how they come about.. I've not had any yambs recently so i don't think i'm stricken and i shower regular so it...
  17. smedroc

    Vote for my t-shirt NT brethren......

    Got a t-shirt on threadless at the moment. I could use some votes so if you could depress the left hand mouse button over the 5 i would really appreciate it :smokin
  18. smedroc

    Vote for my t-shirt NT brethren......

    Got a design on threadless at the moment. You don't have to like it, just click 5 for a brother :smokin
  19. smedroc

    The Weeknd: Anybody else not feeling it live??

    Okay so i've seen enough live music to know you're not going to get a carbon copy live performance of a studio recording, but having seen him a couple weeks ago I feel this guys music doesn't really translate that well to a live performance. Granted i had super high expectations going in but i...
  20. smedroc

    **Joe Rogan/Death Squad comedy thread**

    Anybody follow the podcast network or been to shows?? I started listening to the Joe Rogan experience initially but now i'm hooked on the naughty show. Tripoli is a damn fool :lol Anyway i'd highly recommend these podcasts to anybody with a boring *** commute/job. They're very entertaining.
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