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  1. ksteezy

    Any British NTers wanna Chime in on this?

    What in the absolute hell is this? And I lowkey wanna try it :lol
  2. ksteezy

    Photoshop wizards, can ya help me out real quick?

    Fellas I need help, I’m pretty good at editing photos, but not so great at photoshop, wondering if anyone can do me a favor and turn just my hair neon green or yellow, thinking of Dyeing it, but wanna get an idea for how it’ll look first. This color for reference
  3. ksteezy

    Cardi or Nikki Vol Who ya got?

    i know this isn’t the music forum, but I don’t really frequent that place to make a thread there, move if necessary please. So been seeing this girls growth from day one and just peeped the new song with Maroon5 “Girls like you” and I can’t say I didn’t feel a sense of pride for such a come up...
  4. ksteezy

    Hey Pedro Morales YOU MAD?

    not sure who this clown is that made a fake page passing himself off as ninjahood and literally trolls on Facebook day and night with racist Trump crap on my feed, I let you rock for a while, finally decide is enough and block him and he has the nerve to posts some BS on my wife’s FB about ****...
  5. ksteezy

    Longest time spent traveling back home?

    just curious because I’m **** delirious right now, why haven’t we invented supersonic travel!? I’ve been bouncing between airports for 12 hours now and still have 23 hours to go to get About to pop 3 Xanax on this first half of the next flight.. On a positive note, Singapore...
  6. ksteezy

    RIP Barbara Bush

    you lived a long life former FLOTUS Rest Easy
  7. ksteezy

    Ya peeped Jackie Neeson outchea taking names?

    Movie looks cool...will def catch on opening night
  8. ksteezy

    Yo JCVD daughter is BAD...where has she been hiding!

    Id hold her hand
  9. ksteezy

    Vinyl Collecting thread Vol WAX

    So hopefully this doesn't get moved to music, because eventhough is music related is more about the collection aspect of it, any of you guys into this? I'm huge into collecting and as of recently I've sparked an interest in Vinyl...I came accross a company that sells collectible limited vinyl...
  10. ksteezy

    Is this real life!? Vol hipsters bout to claim the X soon :( 3 quarters of a Mil....chill.
  11. ksteezy

    This is actually pretty sad to think about BROOKLYN GENTRIFICATION IS REAL Brooklyn gentrification is real. On Thursday August 11th, community leader, entrepreneur and proud Brooklyn boricua Georges...
  12. ksteezy

    Jaden Smith Suicide? Rumor? Real? Answers

    What's this I keep seeing on my feed of Jaden committing suicide?...the hell?
  13. ksteezy

    Time to boycot Bahamas NASSAU, Bahamas — Kenson Timothee was walking down the street when a uniformed officer asked him a question that sends Bahamians of Haitian descent like him into a panic...
  14. ksteezy

    NYPD back at it again...shoots playful dog in the head Bros as a dog lover and fur dad to two, this story and video broke my heart because plenty times I've seen my pups dash out from between my legs when I answer the door and jump on the mailman or neighbors...
  15. ksteezy

    Sonic Boom creates earthquake in NJ?...GUAT?

  16. ksteezy

    Cuban-American woman projected to be the next Eisntein

    You gotta appreciate a woman like this in this age when women place their worth in their physical attributes above else....this chick buil a plane which she flew herself at age 14 MINDBLOWING Can't wait to see what she will do for the human race in the next 10 years...
  17. ksteezy

    If you want your blood to boil, enter here Someone embed this video, hope every single civil rights violating ****hole loses their ignorant are these cops to waltz into people apartments without consent?
  18. ksteezy

    My Mexico vacay! Tulum/Playa Del Carmen

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share some pics of my Mexico trip with yall! Wife always wanted to come but I've never had any desire to, gotta say Mexico surpassed my expectations! We stood in a small boutique hotel in Tulum the first half, called MiAmor, HIGHLY recommended! It's literally the most...
  19. ksteezy

    Nat help me decide on which puppy! Also names!

    Ok guys, currently in the process of picking up another puppy, we currently have an 8 year old pug that is our heart and want to get another dog...can't decide on which one and hoping NT can lend a hand...leaning towards the all black one. Girl Boy Girl Boy Boy
  20. ksteezy

    A Day in the Life Vol these dudes legit made a good musical #DEAD

    Anyone ever peep this **** I'm legit in tears watching this, joint is :hat :rollin
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