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  1. johnnyboii9

    Galaxy foamposite paint chipping problem

    Hey guys I have a pair of galaxy foamposites and they are known for paint chipping and scuffing. Do you know anyway to prevent this? Thanks!
  2. johnnyboii9

    Air Jordan VI Carmine confirmed for 2014

    so hype for these
  3. johnnyboii9

    Legit Check on Jordan 2011 Retro 11 Concords

    hey dude im new on here too and no expert on legit and fakes but make sure carbon fiber isn't some plastic **** and make sure the 23 on the back looks right. look up a real vs fake concord vid on youtube. hope this helped a little
  4. johnnyboii9

    Nike Foamposite 'Army Camo' 6/8/13 $240

    hahah no joke dude
  5. johnnyboii9

    Nike Foamposite 'White Camo'

    I got my pair I love mine
  6. johnnyboii9

    why u hate

    why u hate
  7. johnnyboii9

    The Official Nike Air Max 90 Thread

    I have the air max 90 EM  "Sunset" but with just the original Nike Sportswear Box
  8. johnnyboii9

    OFFICIAL Yeezy Thread

    Got Yeezys?
  9. johnnyboii9

    NIKE Barkley Posite max

    I have the Area 72 "Rayguns" And Love them. So much detail was put into the shoe
  10. johnnyboii9

    Air Jordan "Fear" TRIPLE PACK III/IV/V

    Good point but I think they are releasing to many different color ways. I love the Laney and that stuff but really not impressed that retro 4 green glow came out. To me that sounds childish
  11. johnnyboii9

    Whats your favorite shoe you own? and why?,

    What do you like most about your favorite shoes
  12. johnnyboii9

    Air Jordan "Fear" TRIPLE PACK III/IV/V

    Really not impressed with Jordan brand lately. They are releasing some pretty crazy colorways that I don't like and I don't think represent Jordan well
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