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  1. chrisftdot

    2010 Nike Air Max 90 Infrared

    Can I get a legit check on these, i'm not an expert on air max 90s. Will rep those who help, thanks!
  2. chrisftdot

    Air Jordan Bred 11 Legit Check (Will Rep)

    I know there are multiple LC on Bred 11s, all over niketalk. However, I just wanted a second opinion on these. In my opinion, they look legit. I'm purchasing these of a seller who i've done business with, from the past. I'm just a little suspicious of the production dates which goes from july...
  3. chrisftdot

    Air Jordan Olympic 7 LC (Will Rep Helpers)

    Im planning to purchase these for about $20 below retail and the owner claims to have worn these once. It looks to be in pretty good condition, however, the box doesnt have a quality control sticker or stamp. 
  4. chrisftdot

    Do all legit Jordan retros come with a production stamp or quality control sticker inside the box?

    I got a pair of white cement 3s (2011) and I just noticed that it doesn't have a QC sticker or a production stamp. While my other retros come with a stamp, i'm pretty sure they're legit because of the proper stitching, suede feel elephant print, etc. Also, i got them verified in the L/C forum...
  5. chrisftdot

    2011 White Cement 3 LC (Need Help Asap!)

    For the most part I believe these are legit, just need a second opinion. The tongue looks like that because its factory laced and this pair is from Canada, so the label may look different.
  6. chrisftdot

    Black cement 3 legit check

    Trading my Ds pair of white cement 4s for these, however, they don't come in a replacement box, with the pamphlet and retro card. Is this a fair trade,
  7. chrisftdot

    Is the retail price for air jordan retros going up this year

    I know for the US its going up, how about here. 
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