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  1. Case

    Price Check 2013 Chicago 1..

    Need a quick price check on some 2013 Chicago 1's..9+/10..Has box and receipt..
  2. Case

    Price Check Pearl Foam Pro..

    Can I get a price check on a pair of DS 2010 Nike Foamposite Pro Pearl sz.11?..Thanks NT..
  3. Case

    Price check on DMP 11 vvvnds..

    What's a fair price for a sz.10.5 DMP 11..Worn 3 times..9.5/10 condition..Comes with half box, gold booklet, and the embossed paper they use to wrap the shoe in.. Any help is appreciated..Thanks NT..
  4. Case

    Price check on CG 11's

    Hey guys, I'm looking to move my DS sz. 10.5 CG 11's and a couple of guys in a facebook sneaker group I'm in have asked how much I want for them..I'm thinking about 325-350..Is that fair?..Too high?..Any help is appreciated..Oh and it'll most likely be a face to face meet up so no shipping or...
  5. Case

    Anyone else into Classic Rock?..

    I'm going to see KISS/Motley Crue tonight and figured I'd see if there were any other classic rock fans on here.. Post up your favorite bands, songs, albums..Everything from '70-'90.. KISS Crue Pink Floyd Ozzy Rush
  6. Case

    Moving into my inlaw's rental house..Help me out with some ?'s I got..

    I'll try to make this simple..Me, my wife, and our kids are moving next month..We'll be moving into my mother in law's rental house..The previous tenants screwed her over and didn't pay the last 4 months rent, she's not making us pay a security deposit, and we don't have to pay first and last...
  7. Case

    Those of you with DirecTv give me some advice..

    I'm currently with Time Warner Cable for tv, net, and home phone..I have nothing but problems with all three services..I'd like to go back to DTV, but don't want to have my bill go up by 50% after 3 months, and then double after the first year..So my question is, do any of you DirecTv have a way...
  8. Case

    DMP 11 trade..Help me out..

    Here the trade: Me-Royal Foamposite Pro B (2001) worn a few times and could easily pass for deadstock  -Jordan 3 Fire red deadstock Him-Jordan DMP 11 deadstock + $50 I kinda feel like maybe I'm either giving too much or not asking enough money..Any thoughts are appreciated..Thanks NT..
  9. Case

    Post Your Puppy vol Team Barky Bob!!!

    Heres Barky Bob..My new teacup Pomeranian..Team Barky Bob ftw..
  10. Case

    Penny II's comin' in July..Anywhere around Dayton getting em???

    Like the title says, does anyone know who will be getting the new colorway of the Pennys on July 25th?..Got my other 2 colors from dayton mall, but not sure ifthey will get them since it's supposed to be a QS..Help me out guys
  11. Case

    Need NT's help with what to get my wife for our 1 year anniversary..

    My wife and I's wedding anniversary is coming up at the end of September and was wanting some help/suggestions for what to get her..My budget is 750-1000bucks..So let me know what yall can come up with..Only people with genuine help should reply..BTW, I'm not taking her to stay anywhere due to...
  12. Case

    Griffey's in Dayton area?

    Anybody know if anyone around Dayton is getting/has got the Griffeys?..I know they're suppose to be General release, but it seems whenever something issupposed to be an easy cop around here it ends up being a pain in !@# to get it..Any help is appreciated..Peace
  13. Case

    To sell or not to sell..vol. I need a house!!

    I'm giving some serious thought to getting rid of some of my collection to get some downpayment money to buy a house..My delimma is this, I don't wantto sell any shoes, but at the same time I'm tired of living in an apartment and want a house..So what should I do, or better yet, what would you do?..
  14. Case

    Any places in Dayton gettin white Penny II's???

    Help me out and let me know..Was at the dyt mall today and nobody is sure if they're getting them since they already released on
  15. Case

    NT recommend me a good wallet...

    Help a fellow NTer out and recommend me a good wallet..I've had the same one for about 5 years and it's seen better days..So I'm ready to get a newone..I want a bifold and don't wanna pay over 75 dollars..So give me some suggestions and post pics of yours if possible..Thanks NT..Peace
  16. Case

    My Jordan Collection; Update w/ Nikes pg1

    My first collection post..Be kind.. Update of my Nikes Daily Beaters
  17. Case

    Penny Foams in Dayton area???

    Did anybody around the Dayton area get Foams? or did I miss out already? TEAM HYPE KILLS!!!CaseKicks' myspace!!!
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