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  1. chewie

    Battlefield 1 (Set in WW1) === 10/21/16 === PS4, XB1, Windows

    My wife's SPM is top 1% on the planet. She thinks she doin something lol
  2. chewie

    Official Fallout 4 Thread - Release - 11.10.15

    Bruh, them wasteland dangers are real. I've died like 5 times from random stuff Saw my first deathclaw. Put that MF'er down. I'm going to play this game every day for the next 2-3 months. I'll have to figure out how to fit in black ops 3 and Star Wars lol
  3. chewie

    Official Fallout 4 Thread - Release - 11.10.15

    God, it's so beautiful. Visually, it looks so much better than FO3 and New Vegas, it's gonna take some getting use to. Guess I won't be doing anything tomorrow on my day off. Been waiting on this joint for 5 years
  4. chewie

    kids aint safe these days man

    My wife graduated from that high school lol
  5. chewie

    Things to do in Fatetteville,NC

    May God have mercy on your soul. I was stationed there for 4 years. I probably spent more weekends away from Fayetteville than I did in fayetteville. Good news, raleigh-durham, greensboro, and Charlotte aren't all that far.
  6. chewie

    YO...where jackie chan at right now??!!??

    Pretty funny last night. I wish Curb Your Enthusiasm would come back :-(
  7. chewie

    whats in a name? VOL....RAVEN symone

    What a disgusting person. It blows me that someone as ignorant as her is even given a platform to spew her BS
  8. chewie

    New Matt Damon space travel movie "THE MARTIAN" in theateres November 15

    I loved it. Ridley Scott will be nominated for an Oscar. You can bet that. Matt too, probably. Now go, Ridley! Go make Prometheus 22
  9. chewie

    Mulholland Drive Diner Scene: This clip is EPIC and will ruin your night....

    Love it when this thread gets bumped. Mulhollanf Drive was part of a string of movies I watched in 2005 that helped me realize ho much I love and appreciate film.
  10. chewie

    ★★ Big Brother 21 Premires Tuesday June 25, 2019 Cast Update 1st Page★★

    Suck it, Vanessa! She had the nerve to say her vote wasn't personal, and yet she voted for Liz. Bitter! Lmao! And she even said she had no intention of taking Steve to F2, yet she's salty he didn't bring her. So glad she didn't win anything James is one of the coolest dudes to ever play BB...
  11. chewie

    Where were you during 9/11 ?

    I had just finished bootcamp, and it was my second day at my first ever duty station at Pope Air Force base. I was 19. I'm from dc, my dad taught at Banneker high school across from Howard University, and my mom worked 17th & K, 4 blocks from the white house. Phones were down, I couldn't get a...
  12. chewie

    Who wins the bread in your relationship/household Vol. Is that a world tour or your girls tour?

    I make about twice what my wife makes. She's a little salty, but she uses it as motivation. She just finished her masters in July so hopefully that'll open some more doors for her. Either way, shouldn't matter who makes more money. What do yall be sayin' on here? "We just tryin' to flourish" lol
  13. chewie

    Things to do in Denver? CO heads come in

    Yep. Lodo is the area around the baseball stadium. On a friday/Saturday bight, that joint is rockin. Thousands of people at the bars and clubs. Highlands and Broadway and east colfax are big nightlife areas as well.
  14. chewie

    Ray Donovan; new series on showtime

    But did you see that bare naked booty on her? Joint was official lol Them cheeks got his judgement clouded lol
  15. chewie

    Things to do in Denver? CO heads come in

    Been living in Denver for about 4 years now, I friggin love it here. If you smoke, then you'll want to checkout a dispensary lol. People have no idea what it's like ordering weed from a store. I went in that joint just last week like "lemme get a half ounce of that Honey BooBoo kush...
  16. chewie

    Ray Donovan; new series on showtime

    Myyyyyyyyy GOD I'm an idiot. Swear on everything in recognized him off top but couldn't remember who he was lol. I remember seeing him in a major role recently, but completely forgot he was the big wig FBI dude in LA. had me checking IMDB and all that lol. I knew there had to be a reason he...
  17. chewie

    Ray Donovan; new series on showtime

    I trust Bunchee's wife. Ya, her family be on some swindles with the wrestling scams, but I don't think it's like that with her and Bunch. Ray trusts her too i think. I wonder if Mickey will survive I to next season. I hope so, Voigt is SO good. Hell, everybody is good. Some of the best...
  18. chewie

    Ray Donovan; new series on showtime

    Agree. Pretty boring and doesn't tie into the story at all. Super random and a waste of time.
  19. chewie

    The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

    Kinda weak September reveal, imo Far as Up in the Air goes, I can't describe how devastated I was when I found they used a butt double for Vera Farmiga's nude scene. She's one of the prettiest people alive, and I thought she showed us her butt. Joint was gorgeous :( I knew Rachel McAdams...
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