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  1. nike air go lwp

    Replacing Vintage Force Max soles?

    My OG pair has crumbled midsoles and I was considering replacing them with the hyperfuse version. Anyone try this before? Suggestions? Thanks!
  2. nike air go lwp

    L/C Nike Dunk SB Dia De Los Muertos

    Hey guys, I need some insight.  I have been looking for the DOTD's since their release and have come across a pair that I need your opinion on.  Mind you, I have observed many auctions/posts about these before, but these seem different and I can't tell one way or another.  I have referenced...
  3. nike air go lwp

    LC: DS 1996 Jordan XI Black/Red

    I just got these in and everything looks fine except one obvious part, the JUMPMAN LOGO on the heel!  The shoes are DS with box, black paper, super thick laces, white cut on patent, matching production and patent numbers on tag (from other shoes with similar coding), etc..  The previous seller...
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    Please vote for my friend's PEPSI Refresh Everything Group ! ***CHICAGO*** Overview 73% of incarcerated youth in Illinois return to prison within 3 years of being released. There are 92 male inmates in the IL Dept. of Juvenile Justice who have served their sentence but have no place to go. Tabula Rasa will...
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    SPACE JAM RELEASE: Looking for some help in PHX

    Hey guys, I was wondering how this release is shaping up for PHX. I will be traveling through and was considering Fiesta Mall. Any thoughts? Any word onavailability in PHX? Thanks!
  6. nike air go lwp

    Las Vegas "Sole Sharing" - UNLV Downtown Design Center Brown-bag lunch

    For those of you interested in sharing in an open discussion on shoes/design/etc. tomorrow from 12pm-1pm. Location: 401 S. 4th st, Suite 170
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    Hey guys, just checking on these: I have seen the black/white high-tops and white/black low-tops, but not these...
  8. nike air go lwp

    Did Vegas get Penny Foams?

    I never heard a final answer. Someone told me that Shiekh got them during All Star Weekend, but I heard nothing about that at the time. I am really bummed that they didn't drop here and was wondering what anyone knew. Thanks! I am on the NT Legit List: 0155 airgolwp
  9. nike air go lwp

    Gold Lebron's in Vegas!

    Sheikh's at Fashion Show has an awesome setup right now, they changed their interior to coordinate with the AF Anniv. While I was checking it all out, I saw that they had the Gold IV's out on the shelf! Look nice. $160 : (702) 369-9911 Go get 'em! I am on the NT Legit List: 0155 airgolwp
  10. nike air go lwp

    Vegas Foam retro's?

    With all the Foam-madness, what's the word here in Vegas? Athlete's Foot? Sheikh?... edit: NO LUCK? man...we get the All-Star stuff, but can't do a Foam retro? I am on the NT Legit List: 0155 airgolwp
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