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  1. gotjz

    Girl A and B dilemna

    Just wanted opinions on a situation: Met girl A a few weeks ago at this wack club in my college town. Same night met another girl. (Girl B) Ended up smashing Girl B that night. Told me she was from NY, and was in my school town to get away from legal trouble lol. Didn't talk to girl B after...
  2. gotjz

    03 Nissan Maxima vs 04 Acura TL

    Hey NT, currently in the market to buy another car since selling my 95 Chevy Caprice (converted to Impala by the guy I bought it from). Based on budgeting, I am now down to two choices and will most likely purchase later today or tomorrow. It is between a 2003 Gray Lustre Metallic Nissan...
  3. gotjz

    How to know a first date went well?

    Haven't really been on a "first" date before when the girl's interest level is a bit ambiguous. In previous occasions, the girl had already established a strong interest. Last night was my first time in this type of situation and with that being said, I have enough common sense to usually see...
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