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  1. sevit86

    American Drug War: The Last White Hope vol. Our Government...... Mind=Blown

    The film states the War on Drugs has become one of the longest and most costly wars in American history. Inspired by the death of four family members and close friend Bill Hicks from "legal drugs," Texas filmmaker Kevin Booth sets out to prove his claim that the Drug War has failed. Three and a...
  2. sevit86

    RON PAUL mature Discussion:

  3. sevit86

    Officer threatens to make up evidence after arrest of innocent men Officer threatens to make up evidence after arrest of innocent menSEATTLE -- A Seattle police officer has been caught on tape talking about "making up" evidence while two wrongly arrested men sit in jail. It's the latest shocker uncovered by a...
  4. sevit86

    Since 97, Dudes Been Digging Out His Basement Using Only R/C Scale-Model Construction Equipmen

    Since 1997, A Man Has Been Digging Out His Basement Using Only R/C Scale-Model Construction Equipment A Canadian guy named Joe has been digging out the basement of his house using nothing but radio-controlled scale model construction equipment... since 1997. Yes, you read that right — he's been...
  5. sevit86

    Nerds Make the Best Boyfriends vol. NT what u think?

    found this and enjoyed the light hearted take on the subject. considering NTs generally emphatuation with materialist culture and NTs general love of female figure (mostly mass) and physical features and NTs general love for all things $$$. Just wanted to know your take on this. I consider...
  6. sevit86

    The Last Airbender:THE LEGEND OF KORRA Comic Con Teaser Trailer

    yuku wont let me emb, NT help me oput http://www.beyondhollywoo...omic-con-teaser-trailer/ Another goodie from Comic Con weekend, the first teaser trailer for Nickelodeon’s new animated series “The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra
  7. sevit86

    Take your damn shoes off when u in the house! vol. personal hygiene

    I've always wondering this. Having been brought up in a Korean house hold, it always baffling to me that other people particularly white and black people, dont take their shoes off in their own house. One of my friends wouldnt even take her shoes off when she was sitting in bed doing homework. I...
  8. sevit86

    KNIGHTS OF BAD%%!DOM trailer vol. shizz looks hilarious

    yuku wont let me emb, someone help me post. movie looks like it has potential summer glau plus tyrion is in it mods let me know if inappropriate.
  9. sevit86

    NT if you were a Billionaire how would you live? vol. The Frugal Billionaires

    - this is an old article but still and interesting read. - my question is, how would you lead your life if you had billions in the bank? The World's Richest People The Frugal Billionaires Sure, billionaires fly private jets, live in massive mansions, dine at the world's finest restaurants...
  10. sevit86

    Cassie Behind Scenes Photoshoot vol. GOTDAM!!!

    http://www.worldstarhipho...g24lbkOeb&set_size=1 yuku wont let me emb NT fam help me out!
  11. sevit86

    America is in the Stone Age and its our own fault. vol. Mature debate

    With the recent threads regarding American superiority over other countries of the world and the american mentality that everyone should follow the rules of the United States I would like to present this article as a debate point. Home...
  12. sevit86

    Iconic Cartoon Character Voices vol. Mind=BLOWN

    8 Actors You Won't Believe Voiced Famous Cartoon Characters Did you know that Hulk Hogan didn't play himself in his terrible Rock 'n' Wrestling cartoon? That was actually the voice of Brad Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond. We know, we were shocked, too. That's why we decided to go out and...
  13. sevit86

    NT why do we have so many problems in this world? mature discussion

    NT with the advances in technology and the discoveries made by science. it is glaringly apparent that we have technology that doesn't require fossil fuels. yet we make invisible boundaries calling them "countries" and kill and milk eachother over resources and fight over petty differences (such...
  14. sevit86

    Similiar Minds Personality Test vol. which one are you?

    took the test and this is what came out... after you take the test, copy paste the info like this: Introverted (I) 74.29% Extroverted (E) 25.71% Intuitive (N) 51.22% Sensing (S) 48.78% Thinking (T) 52.63% Feeling (F) 47.37% Judging (J) 61.76% Perceiving (P)...
  15. sevit86

    MORTAL KOMBAT LEGACY Web-Series vol. edit. EPISODE 2 is up!!!!!!!!

    Trailer Episode 1: Mortal Kombat: Legacy Ep. 1 (Brand new live action MK series!) Jax (Michael Jai White) Striker (Tamoh Pennikett) Sonya Blade (Jeri Ryan) Kano (Darren Shahlavi) Will star in episode 1 of the all-new Mortal Kombat...
  16. sevit86

    Girl Walks Into a Bar - FREE Feature Film vol. YouTube

    The First Major Motion Picture Made For The Internet Only on YouTube... and it's FREE Watch it here in its entirety  or in 10 parts on a playlist: Turn up the resolution to 1080p for the best video quality. GIRL WALKS INTO A BAR...
  17. sevit86

    Recommend 5 Books for NT vol. lets educate ourselves

    i dont know if the NT fam reads literature but just thought it would be interesting to see what everyone reads post 5 books you would recommend to NT - Jean Baudrillard / Simulacra and Simulation - Victor Hugo / Les Miserables - Steven Hawking / A Brief History of Time - Mark Z. Danielewski...
  18. sevit86

    Juliana Salimeni aka Juju do Panico appreciation vol BRAZIL

    Juliana Salimeni aka Juju do Panico apparently shes one of the Ring Girls for UFC Rio thank god for South American women google is your friend NT NT help me emb
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