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  1. sneakaprince

    How much money would you save by logging off of NT and Instagram for 6 months?

    Hey guys Just curious how much money do you think you would save if you were to log off of NT and Instagram. I ask because during my younger years I would take periodic breaks from NT to prevent me from falling victim to hype. I have a bad habit of checking almost every new thread in the JB...
  2. sneakaprince

    *Whoa* A convicted murderer says he killed 90 people and got away with it.

    He could be connected to 90 slayings 01:01 (CNN)Samuel Little was hoping to move prisons this past spring. The 78-year-old already was spending the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of killing three people. But his name had popped up in the FBI's Violent Criminal Apprehension...
  3. sneakaprince

    Just found out I'm Having a SON!!!

    NT Fam what up. I can't believe its been so long since I've made a thread, but I wanted to share the good news with you guys since I've been on this site for well over 10 years now (despite my join date). I've known I was having a baby for a couple of weeks now but my girl recently took some...
  4. sneakaprince

    These College Kids Are Stronger than I Ever Be (Race Related)

    Sorry I'm on mobile and saw this while browsing through Twitter this morning. **** made my blood boil so much even while at work. I don't understand how so many Americans deny the existence of racism and oppression.
  5. sneakaprince

    What are you getting your significant other for Christmas?

    Famb whats good? I need ideas. So far I copped my chick a .22 (she likes guns) and some bullets. Wanted to at least get her something else on the smaller side but I'm running low on ideas. My chick is good for doing the most, (she was planning on copping me a ticket to Tokyo but nix'd it...
  6. sneakaprince

    Official NT Slick Deals Thread Vol: Daily Joogs... JUST COPPED for 238 outta chicago in September...
  7. sneakaprince

    Need Subwoofer for Music Production. Any Advice

    Bruhs, Posting for a friend who is looking for a music subwoofer for her husband that is in to production. She would like to buy him a good subwoofer at a decent price. I'm not sure if this is the right section post but I kinda come to NT for everything so I'm sure someone here can help out...
  8. sneakaprince

    DS size 9.5 Bao Haus Dunk SB

    125 or best offer add 10 for shipping west coast Looking for trades in a 9 or 9.5 in following shoes. Willing to add cash to all trades Laney Jordan 1 Baron Jordan 1 Sport blue Jordan 3 Somp SB dunk Lance Mountain Jordan 1 "white" Craig Stecyk Jordan 1 Best way to reach me is via text...
  9. sneakaprince

    Any one else on Niketalk hip to That Guy on Youtube

    I'm sure I will get flamed for this but I felt like sharing since it's actually some of the best original content I've seen on YouTube in a while. My ex put me on it a couple weeks and literally everyone I've introduced to the show has given it positive review. It's a YouTube scripted series...
  10. sneakaprince

    Anyone Ever used Shockingrays?

    Thinking about picking up a pair of Raybans from them but the price is too good to be true so I'm concerned they are not authentic. I found the site through one of NTs googleads, anyone have any experience?
  11. sneakaprince

    USED Jordan VI white/ Infrared/ varsity red size 9.5

    What up NT I have a pair of used jordan VIs in varsity red that I painted to infrared before I got my infrared pack back in 2010. I did an okay job with the paint but some leaked (being honest). The uppers have a lot of life left and the shoe has not been worn much at all over the years. I...
  12. sneakaprince

    DS SB Dunk BHM size 9.5

    Whats up NT I know these are still available in certain locations so I felt like I was pretty fair in price I'm actually taking a loss on them just because I don't feel like I need them. Anyways first one to shoot me 70 gets em. Shoes are DS and were only taken out of the box to take pix. Txt...
  13. sneakaprince

    Jordan IX olive DS size 9.5

    Whats up NT DS pair of Olive 9's I have no use for.... Price is fair please don't try to lowball Txt me for fastest reply 414-517-1239
  14. sneakaprince

    NDS Jordan BMP size 9.5

    Whats up NT I've had both pair since release and they have been worn occasionally over the last 6 years both shoes are still in great condition and have a lot of life left. I feel that my price is fair but I'm willing to take offers. Please do not request 1,000,000 more pix, what you see is...
  15. sneakaprince

    VNDS Air Max 95 Neons (2010 edition)

    Shoes has been barely worn over the years and although I just don't have use for them anymore. I will accept reasonable offers but please do not low ball me nor ask me for 1000 more pictures just to flake on me. My reputation on NT and elsewhere is great. Txt for fastest response 414-517-1239
  16. sneakaprince

    Chicago X size 9.5 VVVNDS

    Yall know my deal I'm fair about my pricing and all I ask is not to be lowballed or flaked. Don't ask for additional pics because truly what u see is what u get. My refs speak for themselves and my history on NT is flawless. Shoes have been worn 3x max never to play ball or anything like that...
  17. sneakaprince

    NDS Cool Grey Jordan XI size 9.5

    Shoe has been worn a decent number of times but still has lots of life left. Txt me for fastest response. 414-517-1239 Not looking to be low balled. Be fair and I will be fair
  18. sneakaprince

    3 girls found in Cleveland after 10 year investigation CLEVELAND — Three women who went missing separately about a decade ago, when they were in their teens or early 20s, were found alive Monday in a residential area just south of downtown, and a man was arrested...
  19. sneakaprince

    DS Space Jam XI size 9.5

    Getting out of shoes need these gone txt for fastest response 414-517-1239 No TRADES
  20. sneakaprince

    VNDS Jordan IV Cavs size 9.5

    Jordan IV Cav's VNDS shoe has been worn 2 times total. Price is fair but I'm open to offers Text for Fastest response 414-517-1239 I'm open to offers but honestly not looking for trades at this time
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