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  1. wj4

    California hospital paid $17,000 ransom in bitcoins to hackers (link to article) Some info on Bitcoin: I rarely post any new threads nowadays, but I heard about this on the news today. I work in risk...
  2. wj4

    Questions for those who have Apple MacBook Air laptops.

    Hey guys, How do you like the MacBook Air? I'm looking at buying one this weekend. I currently have a MacBook from 2012. The screen started acting funny this morning. When the computer is on, screen is asleep. It wakes up when you tilt the whole laptop up but when you put it back down, screen...
  3. wj4

    The Most And Least Educated Cities In America - Forbes

    Surprised in a good way to see smaller cities in the Midwest. I knew northeast would ranked pretty high.
  4. wj4

    Former franchisee alerted Subway years prior about Fogle. This is disgusting. I used to go to Subway 2-3 times a week when I had 30 mins to get dinner between work and school, but boycotting the brand for life now. I know there is a thread on Jared, but I wanted...
  5. wj4

    Things to do in Houston and Atlanta?

    Hey fellas, I'm planning to either visit Houston or Atlanta around November for a week for leisure purposes. I can't really do the cold so places like Chicago is out of the question :lol I know there are lots of cats from both cities. What's the night life like? Places to visit? I'll be...
  6. wj4

    #100days100nights: Gang threats of violence on social media draw fear

    #100days100nights: Gang threats of violence on social media draw fear I can't fathom the innocence that don't deserve to be caught in this at all. "The warnings of increased gang violence intensified across social media platforms this weekend after more than half a dozen...
  7. wj4

    Fiat recalls after hack of Jeep Cherokee

    With all the tech in modern cars, it's bound to happen. Brb. Going to switch to my first car, 1993 Accord :lol Fiat recalls 1.4 million vehicles after hack of Jeep Cherokee
  8. wj4

    Undergrads: how much do you spend on miscellaneous activities?

    Sup fellas, Just want to hear from you dudes who are still in college how you're spending on various activities and spendings. I know a couple of kids who were buying high end gear and flying to all these music festivals and doing bottle services on the regular. I had no idea how they were able...
  9. wj4

    Folks in late 20s - early 30s: looking back at your early 20s..

    ....would you do things differently? I've had this conversation with many of my friends in the last month or so. I'm about to turn 30 later this year so I was just reflecting back. My friends who are now doctors, pharmacists, etc wish they had more time back in college to go out and party...
  10. wj4

    Anyone regularly hit the casinos to gamble?

    What's your game and strategy? I have a few friends who go to Vegas regularly and swear it's easy money. I always tell them the house always win if they get greedy enough. Just want to know how you cats, established entrepreneurs in the baked goods sector, are doing it. Some of them are deep...
  11. wj4

    The networking/support thread

    What's up dudes, I spent a couple of minutes deciding what to name the thread, but couldn't really think of anything more solid so excuse me if it sounds confusing/awkward :lol I've been on NT since the early 2000s and the vibe back then was a bit different. Dudes were more willing to help...
  12. wj4

    Please help complete a quick 8 questions survey.

    Hey guys, I would appreciate if you can help complete this quick survey. It only has 8 questions, and most are drop downs. Thanks in advance!
  13. wj4

    Batman vs. Darth Vader (YouTube vid)

    Friend just showed me this. I thought it was pretty cool. Sci fi level effects but I'm sure budget was low. Posting from mobile so couldn't embed. Link:
  14. wj4

    Your thoughts on plastic surgeries? (vids included)

    Good afternoon dudes, What are your thoughts on plastic surgeries? I was browsing YouTube and a few vids showed up to spark this conversation I want to raise. I guess it's worse with women than it is with men so at least I can't relate much. I'm personally against it if it's just for...
  15. wj4

    Question for my new grads/current college students...

    Are you guys or did you guys get your bachelor's in 4 years? I only ask because I see lots of campuses are adding GE courses required and reducing the number of courses offer. It seems tough now to do it in 4 years, not factoring in if you want to switch major or mess up in a few classes and...
  16. wj4

    Questions about private schools (discounting colleges/universities)

    What are the benefits of sending your kids to private elementary/middle/high school? Would love for those that attended to come in and give their input. A couple of my college friends went to private high schools. They were pretty pricey, and they admittedly say they didn't learn anything...
  17. wj4

    Please recommend decent laptops for browsing web and doing minor MS Office work.

    Hey fellas, Please recommend laptops that are decent for browsing the web...will be using for viewing social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc. and light work on MS Office, usually just writing Word documents. I would also want something that is not too thick in size, and have a CD-rom...
  18. wj4

    #NTstrong. Fellas, please help out an NTer win this contest!

    Hey fellas, Please help vote for Adrian, he's #3. As of now, he's darn near the bottom. NT is great for this type of stuff. It's like all dudes stop fighting among themselves for a minute and go after the outsiders, similar to how brothers really act. Let us not forget the classic battle...
  19. wj4

    Legit and price check please: Jordan 3 white/cement from 2010

    Hey guys, Need your assistance once again. This guy is selling a DS pair of Jordan 3 in white/cement from 2010. Well, he's listed as 2010, but it came out in 2011 I believe. He said he got it from Eastbay and will include the receipt. I will check the receipt as well. If the transaction...
  20. wj4

    Price and legit check on Jordan 13 "Playoffs"

    Hey guys, This guy is selling a size 9.5 DS pair of the Jordan 13 Playoffs. He's firm at $220. He said it is authentic but has no receipt. What do you think of the price and authenticity? Thanks. Ps apologies for the thumbnail pictures. I'm posting this via mobile.
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