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  1. innovazn2

    Futura Hennessy Bottles dropped in SOCAL yet?

    Ive been calling Bevmo but no luck. Was wondering if there were any other spots that sold them?
  2. innovazn2

    Samsung Galaxy S3 White 16gb

    Hi, For sale is a brand new unopened Samsung Galaxy S3 for Tmobile. White/16gb version! I'm located in Southern California I'm willing to meet up @ Brea Mall or the Shoppes(chino hills) Feel free to email me if you have any questions! I'm not looking for trades.
  3. innovazn2

    No Resellers.

  4. innovazn2

    Funniest COPS Arrest Ever

    cant get it to show for some reason even after embed heres the link though..
  5. innovazn2


    damn very surreal...imagine if you were the dude filling up gas! 
  6. innovazn2

    Movie ID Help

    The main character is an author who goes back home to visit the family. He writes about his family and how he grew up in his books. The main character (younger years) has a falling out with his best friend and gets jumped by group of people. His best friend feels guilty and retaliates with a bat...
  7. innovazn2

    Fifa FTW

  8. innovazn2

    anyone have/know where i can rent/buy the movie "El Norte"

    i need to write a paper for this movie if anyone can locate me to a spot in the 714/909 area with this that i can rent/buy this movie please tell me asap thanks ps: movie is "El Norte" from came out in 1983
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