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  1. superrc44

    Footlocker/Champs/Footaction FRIENDS & FAMILY (F&F) 30% STIMULUS WEEK MAY 20th-26th

    Footlocker exclusion list (the SAME at Champs and Footaction): Since the DMP V's are a 5/23 launch, that's a no go with the coupon ALL CDP's are a GO!!! Came upon a his/her set of 2/21's for my wife AND I for Less than the Kid's Size Retail Price($200 for you at home keeping score)!!! If...
  2. superrc44

    MAY 2009 website/store/outlets updates post! NEWBIES Read first post b4! Vol. B-Alert

    Are these $99.99 CDP adult sizes at the outlets only? stores are ringing up the 2/21 for $150. The big hype is kid's size CDP's $99.99 Anybody know if the 11/12 price dropped? Nonetheless, that would be the ONLY (a grade) pack worth paying retail for...
  3. superrc44

    FTL, FA, and Champs F&F 30% off April 30 - May 2

    May 20-26: not only does it cover Memorial Day Weekend; it's a FULL 7 Days... here's to you, Footlocker Inc. to offer the 30% for a whole week, nextstep, 30% for an entire month. However for now, are you feeling generous enough to make it a no restriction sale???
  4. superrc44

    FTL, FA, and Champs F&F 30% off April 30 - May 2

    I'm thinking that exclusions are determined by the corporate office and implemented nationwide. If any discounts on exclusions were to happen, it would bewith a military or employee discount, no?
  5. superrc44

    Which NIKE shoes out today have the BEST ankle support and comfort?

    what happened to the days when shoes had the monkey paw support to prevent ankle inversion (penny iv's, zoom gp ii, shox's bb4, limitless, stunner vc 1&2)?
  6. superrc44

    For those who actually hoop in Js

    have personally balled in the xii, xiii, xiv, xvi however the xviii's look comfortable with the carbon fiber insole, any additional opinions on the 18's to ball?
  7. superrc44

    FinishLine CDP's 3/20 2/21 1/22 8/15 $199.99

    copped the last 3/20 pack sz 8 @ FNL Serramonte from a nice cashier named Rachel; thanks NT!!!
  8. superrc44

    Official Air Jordan III/XX CDP Release Post! NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING!

    am lucky to get the last sz 8 @ FNL Serramonte for $199.98... to get or not to get more? that is the question...
  9. superrc44

    December 2008 website/store/outlets updates post! New Peeps; Read first post b4!

    Were the Hyperdunk Germany's available in size 8 & up?
  10. superrc44

    Champs Sports, Footlocker, Footaction - Friends & Family 30% off 12/4 - 12/07

    Got 2 pairs of HD (blackouts & olympic GR) on the first day @ Champs. Spent the rest of my paycheck @ Vacaville i can only think why the kobe hd home/away were excluded was they were the "Supreme" release, whereas the others are TB releases since the XXIII aren't a retro, fusion, or other...
  11. superrc44

    NIKE STORES EMP 50% and 30% F&F SET FOR 12/4-12/7...

    co-signed!!! the guy @ Vacaville was really cool about it... IMO sometimes you gotta straight up ask; worse they'll say is no... besides closed mouthdon't get fed, right?
  12. superrc44

    SoCal Outlet Reports Please?

    Any help is greatly appreciated Thank you
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