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  1. tupac jordan

    Can anyone tell me what this movie is?

  2. tupac jordan

    How do you get "friendzoned"??

    When you take your eyes off the prize.
  3. tupac jordan

    where's the best BBQ or Fried Chicken.

    I'm most likely looking for bbq because I'm pretty sure Roscoe's is the best in socal. I'm in Monterey park but willing to drive at least 30 miles to get some great food The Autumn Wind is a Pirate
  4. tupac jordan

    Anyone got a room for rent?LA or the cities close to it.

    The Autumn Wind is a Pirate
  5. tupac jordan

    renting a Studio apartment in Socal

    anyone ever use I need to find a place but need opinions on it. bring back the McRib
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