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  1. mjhead23

    Looking to buy Chicago 1s Size 8.5

    Looking to buy
  2. mjhead23

    New Car Issue.

    I want opinions on this situation. I bought a used car on Saturday. As I'm signing the paperwork they mess up the rims with a chemical they were spraying on the tires. They offered to paint the rims black, I need to make sure they aren't going to just paint over the damaged rim. I'm thinking...
  3. mjhead23

    Hating your job to the point of depression?

    Anyone ever been through this? How did you get through/past it? It's mostly the leadership of the team I am on. I damn near want to cry coming into work everyday. I am in no disciplinary action or anything, I am just miserable here. I am even willing to take a pay cut at a new job. Having...
  4. mjhead23

    SZA: 'CTRL' Official Debut Album Thread. 6/9/17

    Couldn't find a SZA thread. I am highly anticipating this. With her debut album, CTRL, out Feb. 3, the 26-year-old R&B singer breaks down the experiences that shaped her music. Sleepaway Camp “I [wrote about] my younger life, which was haphazard: being at ­sleepaway camp away from my parents...
  5. mjhead23

    Consumerism. Vol. Levi's Boots

    What's Up NT, I brought up this question on my podcast. Would you rock the Levi boot over Timbs? Levi $90 or less. Timbs $190 At what point does brand loyalty or consumerism become stupidity?
  6. mjhead23

    NT fam. What should I do?

    I've been pursuing this girl for a couple weeks now. We've been on about 4 dates. So yesterday I decided to get something delivered to her job. I ended up picking it up and taking it to her house. Later in the day, I get a text from her and she asks would I want to get her nails done? I am...
  7. mjhead23

    Unpublished Hotel Listing on Booking Sites.

    Anyone ever trusted this? I'm trying to find a Hotel in Chicago and was curious about this.
  8. mjhead23

    I think my professor is a NT'er

    So I'm in class and this comes up on a slide. My professor has to be on here. Haha
  9. mjhead23

    NT what do you guys do for energy?

    I am in the 4th week of a crazy work and school schedule. 3 more weeks to go. But I think my body is crashing on me. My body has been having different aches and pains and I can't stay awake in class to save my life. Still doing great in my classes though. I eat pretty healthy everyday. About...
  10. mjhead23

    Anybody familiar with World Ventures Dream Trips?

    Just seen a presentation from James Dews former Miami Hurricane. Anyway it's discounted vacations and a whole bunch of stuff for an one time $365 fee and like $55 a month and if you get four people to join your monthly fee is waived. Seems like there is really some money in this. Wonder if...
  11. mjhead23

    Somebody tell me if I am tripping or not.

    So on two seperate occasions I go to a bank and I am sitting in my car because I recieve a phone call or just getting situated to pull off and people come from a back room and continuously come and stare at me. I mean one time this dude walks back and forth out the room a good 5-6 times and...
  12. mjhead23

    Everything goes right, but then goes so wrong

    So I get a text from this chick that I been trying to get at for a for a while. We go out for drinks, hit ihop and back to my crib. She ends up being dtf and I end up flopping. I hit and got dome but it just wouldn't work. She was sooo bad too smh.. ever happened to anybody? Pray for a second...
  13. mjhead23

    Best collaboration in the last 10 years?

  14. mjhead23

    So my homie just surprised the ^%@7 out of me.

      He's from Cincinnati, feedback would be appreciated
  15. mjhead23

    All White high top dunks ?

    Anybody have any info on these? Where can i get them?
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