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  1. oh you mad

    Brands really mad that we are using their ™ name as nouns Vol. Velcro, Band-aid, Kleenex, Vaseline

    I've received cease and desist letters from Luxottica for using the word 'wayfarer' and Alex Brands for using 'Slinky' on listings :lol: :smh:
  2. oh you mad

    California proposes a plan to tax text messages Vol. Green bubble gonna cost you :smh::smh::smh:
  3. oh you mad

    Rolls Royce Pursuit in Hollywood

    Who remembers dj Khaled car chase lol
  4. oh you mad

    You guys tip mobile car wash guys?

    This dude came to my office asking if I need a car wash and for $25 I said yeah go for it bro. Are you still supposed to tip?
  5. oh you mad

    LA NTers living in the 562... Vol. Mansions in the hood

    I was in Downey yesterday and my mind was blown.. how and why people have 6,000 sq ft houses in tiny 7,000 sq ft lots?? Check this out The neighborhood has nothing but normal 1200-1500sq ft homes and then bam corner house...
  6. oh you mad


    :nthat::nthat: Summer 2018
  7. oh you mad

    R.I.P AIM

  8. oh you mad

    Why are less threads created now than back in the yuku days?

    Every time I visit general I see the same  30-40 500+ page threads in different order.. I used to get my news from NT, now I have to dive into one of the "official" threads. Aint nobody got time to go back 100 pages where 10+ topics are being discussed. Anyone else feel the same?
  9. oh you mad

    NT Help Blue screen of death smh (Paypal reward)

    Please help me fix it.  I will pp $50 Thanks in advanced
  10. oh you mad

    NTer's with both XB1 and PS4

    Do you guys get the same games for both systems? How do y'all decide what system you're gonna play?  
  11. oh you mad

    Today's my birthday!!

    Been lurkin NT since I was 15 (Joined at 16)    Turning 25 today   
  12. oh you mad

    $10 paypal to the first person with a link to where I can cop this dining set.

    I want this dining table and chairs. First one with a link gets $10.  Thanks brahs. 
  13. oh you mad

    Any Verizon Wireless employees or experts on here? Need advice

    I have a Unlimited data plan with a dummy phone line. This is my plan,  My question is, is there a way I can extract the data plan onto a iPad or hot spot device by itself and cancel the two lines? I don't use this phone anymore but want to keep unlimited data Thanks in advance.  
  14. oh you mad

    Ask a guy who started an Amazon business in late April and has made $490k (Gross) anything UPDATE

    I will not disclose my amazon store name, or specific products.  No PMs, someone else might have the same question as you.  I am 24yrs old, College drop-out. We Import directly from Chinese manufactures. I have a Chinese partner and we work from a 5,000sq ft warehouse. His father in China...
  15. oh you mad

    Another tipping thread.

    I went to red lobster for lunch about 3 weeks ago and the service was trash. I remember leaving a low tip (no $00.20 though lol) to reflect the waitress's service. Today as I'm going through my monthly expenses  I noticed the tip was over 25%. I am very upset over this (word to my SN).  Im not...
  16. oh you mad

    Lol at spiders + caffeine

  17. oh you mad

    I was watching this smash parker interview from last month Vol. Smushcalde

    It was probably posted, sorry if late.  Skip to 5:40 Low-key=smashing NTers chicks. 
  18. oh you mad

    Dudes taking make-up transofmation pictures smh.

  19. oh you mad

    Size matters.

     Sorry if I'm late. 
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