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  1. flipcyde

    Official Supreme Thread F/W Season Done. Happy New Year!

    Car declined on brown, went back and tried for grey medium and cooked.
  2. flipcyde

    Official Toronto - Outlet and Store report

    Sorry, don't really pay attention to vapormaxes so not sure of the colourways. Dark grey with black sole. Light grey with orange sole. Light grey slipons.
  3. flipcyde

    Official Toronto - Outlet and Store report

    Aqua anniversary Air Max 1's at Vaughan Mills $129 lots of sizes. Lots of womens vapormaxes also on the hash walls extra 30% off.
  4. flipcyde

    Amazon to launch Lord of the Rings "prequel" series

    LOTR book fans are begging for prequel junk. Tolkien has so much backstory from before The Hobbit and LOTR that would put the movies to shame. Armies of Balrog's and dragons all over the place.
  5. flipcyde

    Official Toronto - Outlet and Store report

    Adidas Outlet at the Fashion Outlets in Niagara is closing in February. 50% off the entire store, no exceptions. Picked up a core black EQT 93/17 Boost for $60 USD yesterday. Lots of tubulars and primeknit superstars. As I was leaving I saw a guy trying to buy all the EQT Boosts, womens...
  6. flipcyde

    APPLE THREAD | Apple Event 9.14.21 10am PDT

    Apple has the same problem they just hide it. Sure everyone gets iOS 11 right away. But if you an older model you don't get the newer features. You may have the latest update but in name only.
  7. flipcyde


    11C is the smallest on that list, but my daughter just turned 3 years old and is only wearing 8C right now. Most toddler sizes go down to 2C at most but even those are too big for a newborn.
  8. flipcyde

    Official Toronto - Outlet and Store report

    No, they shipped to me in Toronto.
  9. flipcyde

    Official Toronto - Outlet and Store report

    I got my pairs of core black and core white from Winnsports. I messaged them on ebay and they just sent me a direct paypal invoice to bypass ebay, $190 USD including shipping. One week by USPS, no extra fees.
  10. flipcyde

    Official Toronto - Outlet and Store report

    Just sharing a link from the Air Max 1 thread. Talks about some of the special details on the shoe.
  11. flipcyde

    PACIFIM RIM -- directed by Guillermo Del Toro

    the Jaeger's and kaijus were rendered with the intent for 3d, its just the scenes with humans that was post converted.
  12. flipcyde

    Nike Roshe Run

    $80 there, they also have Sprites on the womens side $60.
  13. flipcyde

    Nike Roshe Run

    Went yesterday to SVP @ Steeles. They got the beaches/mango v2, tarps, and squadrons in stock.
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