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  1. romedadude

    NT's Own: John Gotty on DJ Booth's "This Week In Hype" Podcast Yall my not care about this as much as I do, but John Gotty been putting in work when it comes to this sneaker **** for a minute. I'm not even into shoes, but I respect the culture. He dropped an NT mention and talked about how he...
  2. romedadude

    4th of July Weekend coming up! What yall getting into?

    I found out I have Thursday off heading into the 4th of July weekend. What's happening in your city? Might rent a whip tomorrow and take a road trip to a random *** city :lol I'll drive anywhere 12 hrs or less from Atlanta. I was thinking about hitting New Orleans since Essence Festival is...
  3. romedadude

    National Trucker/Ustream Appreciation Vol. 5 Years Ago Da Movement Started

    Ahhh, I look back on this time quite fondly. 2009, I came back home after my first year of college: Couldn't find a job :{ Ain't have no females :{ , And was bored as hell All of those brought me to find out about live video streaming thru sites like Ustream, Justin TV, and Tinychat. It was...
  4. romedadude


  5. romedadude

    3rd Gen Acura TL Owners Enter

    I've seen the 3rd Gen Acura TL mentioned on NT a ton of times since I've been a member. I'm looking for a new whip since my 96 Explorer conked out on me. Last week, I thought I wanted an Explorer, but after doing research I think a TL might be up my alley as well. My budget is tight, I'll...
  6. romedadude

    Wait, Secondhand smoke is BS?

    My whole life has been a lie! :lol But, I was reading something about "contact high" a few weeks ago and a few articles pointed out it's more placebo than anything :eek Then I searched for articles about secondhand smoke being a myth. It was weird I couldn't find many articles about that. I...
  7. romedadude

    The Story of Richard Jewell: Falsely Accused of the 96 Olympic Bombing

    Synopsis: The short documents the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, when security guard Richard Jewell was accused of planting a bomb that killed two and injured 111. To add insult to injury, Jewell had actually discovered the bag holding the bomb and helped clear the area. Though his name was eventually...
  8. romedadude

    She wanna know what it feels liiiike, cuz the game so pimp tiiiight

    :hat :hat :hat Scrolling thru MediaMonkey and saw this joint in my library, had to get up and do a two step.
  9. romedadude

    Phil Beaudreau

    Been seeing his name floating on my timeline for a minute, listening to his album Ether right now. He sounds like Matthew Santos, dude who was on "American Terrorist" with Lupe. Album is nice so far
  10. romedadude

    The Combat Jack Show Thread

    Figured we needed a thread for the show, since there are thread for all these other shows/podcasts/interviews This was a funny *** episode. Elliot's laugh :lol Him not being able to ride a bike :{ :rollin I was reading on Twitter, Dart Adams might be on the show next month...
  11. romedadude

    Looking for Website Design Aficionados Vol. Help design my site!

    I have a blog I'm trying to incorporate into a new website (preferably on WordPress), problem is my design skills are severely lacking. :{ I'm good on the content end of things, I just need somebody who's nice with graphic/web design to help me come up with some creative. Link me to your...
  12. romedadude

    Official D-League Thread - [2/5] Motion to change this to the Official Pierre Jackson Thread?

    Let's get it crackin! I know it's plenty of fans of the D-League on NT. Figured I'd start this thread so we can discuss the progress of prospective call-ups and any news. I enjoy keeping up with the D-League because there are a few :eek, "whatever happened to him" NBA vets and former college...
  13. romedadude

    Q-Tip - The Renaissance Appreciation

    I remember banging album this my freshman year of college, it doesn't even seem like it came out 5 years ago. So many adjectives to describe this album: smooth, groovy, chill.... I also discovered Kamaal/The Abstract that year too, it was shelved at the time (2002-2008), but released in 2009...
  14. romedadude

    Shawty N The Big Truck vol. Yep the South won!

    What have two thumbs and make a lotta money?! :lol and :{ this ***** from Decatur
  15. romedadude

    6 Degrees of Kevin Garnett

    Similar to 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon This guy made a tool where you can type in any two professional basketball, baseball, hockey, or football players and find how they are connected For kicks I did Aqib Talib and Karl Malone It seems like Mark Hendrickson is the link to a lot of the...
  16. romedadude

    An Underrated Dirty Mack Number vol. Let's Cheat Tonight

    Don't turn up ya phone girllllllllllll :hat We might need to start a thread of all the best dirty mack jams 8o
  17. romedadude

    Don't look now but Adam Dunn could reach 500 HR in 2015 vol. HOFer?!

    Just sitting here at work browsing MLB league leaders and saw Adam Dunn was top 5 in AL HR leaders this year. Went to his career stats and saw, judging by his current pace (avg 33 HR per yr), he'll probably reach 500 HR in 2015. He's at...
  18. romedadude

    Need help, song ID vol. 90s R&B Song

    I can't get this song out of my head and it's buggin a ***** It's got a hook or portion in the song when the artist is yelling "I apologize!" For some reason I'm thinking Raphael Saadiq, Mint Condtion, or somebody like that. Vague clues, but I know somebody knows the song I'm talkin about...
  19. romedadude

    Rittz - F Swag

    I just listened to this **** 5 times in a row, White Jeeeeesus!!! :x :{ Lyrics for comprehension:
  20. romedadude

    Little Brother ft. Elzhi - Hiding Place Appreciation

    I was driving home yesterday and listening to this and it was like a boxing match.‎ Pooh led it off like the rapper leading the boxers to the ring. Then Tay and El step in the ring and just boxed it out with all kinda punches. El Don't compare me to...
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