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  1. sohi 23

    Owner of resell company “West Coast Streetwear” mom is a VP at Nike - UPDATE - mom forced to step down

    Sneaker Reselling articles come out every 6 months ago so it’s nothing surprising but that’s not really what I want to talk about. The guy in the article, owner of West Coast Streetwear, mom works as a VP at Nike. Dude tried to front like he got out the mud but his mom is a higher up at Nike...
  2. sohi 23

    OFFICIAL FIBA World Cup Spain 2014 Thread

    53 days left until the tournament begins. I figured it's a good time to start discussing. GROUP A: Brazil Egypt France Iran Serbia Spain GROUP B: Argentina Croatia Greece Phillippines Puerto Rico Senegal GROUP C: Dominican Republic Finland New Zealand Turkey Ukraine USA GROUP D...
  3. sohi 23


    I give up on embing here's the link, this video is so ill Criminals Robbin Innocent Mutha****as everytime
  4. sohi 23


  5. sohi 23

    Like Tommy Lee and Pamela, I'm !@@*$* on a camera

    this *%** slaps tho
  6. sohi 23

    Listen up, Im about to get dope.

    It aint nuthin but sum @*#* I wrote RIP to the Mac, 6 years ago today
  7. sohi 23

    Rate the Wu-Tang members in order

    saw a post on this, figured id make a topic, anyways. 1. Mr. Starks 2. Chef Rae 3. GZA 4. Meth 5. INS 6. ODB 7. RZA 8. Masta Killa 9. U-God and no, Cappadona doesnt count
  8. sohi 23

    My name is Young Mac Mall

    AND THIS IS MY OPINION!!!! "You might think I'm a criminal, but this is not subliminal, I'm tryin to spit that knowledge to my folks but you don't hear me though!"
  9. sohi 23

    Yuku has completely killed Niketalk S&T

    I'm sorry, but #cmonson Game threads are almost completely useless now and useless to post in ... Ehh, it's not that bad, but dont y'all remember when playoff threads would go 50/60 pages? I mean the WCF with the lakers barely hits 15 Well whatever, I guess we can all get on twitter or some %#!@
  10. sohi 23

    Happy Mothers Day

  11. sohi 23

    Ima go ahead and say this was the best hip-hop album of 2006

    I'm 100% serious too, but 90% of you cats probably aint even listen! Joint has TOO many bangers Project GTA Rainman So Ill, So Dope B.I.T.C.H. Why Ima Gangsta Kill You Beastin' Out .. the list goes on Alot of y'all have misconceptions of Bay Raps, there's a few out here who know whats up...
  12. sohi 23


    From Raekwon to the Clipse From Jeezy to the Mob Figaz "THE REINCARNATION OF RAEKWON IN AN APRON" We can post joints for days, about to make a playlist on itunes
  13. sohi 23

    Halladay Will Say Yes to Yanks

  14. sohi 23

    Post your Lastfm
  15. sohi 23

    Has anyone listened to the "The Blaqprint" by Blaq Poet?

    The production looks I'm probably gunna check it out soon any opionions?
  16. sohi 23

    Streets of New York > Empire State of Mind

  17. sohi 23

    Sellin Dope is coool, but Rap is on my mindddd

    Its hard to do em both and get my bread at the SAME TIMEEEEEEEEEEEE High as +@@+ of purple, man I'm out my mind Gotta grab by strap, Boy its time to do some MOOOO CRIMEEEEEEEEEE the remix One of the best hip-hop albums of this decade...
  18. sohi 23

    Technique is ill son, watch how I spill one.

    Peace to Biggie Tupac Big L and Big Pun!!!!
  19. sohi 23

    Legit Check - OLNL Jordan 1s.

    Just got this off of ebay, need to make sure it's legit before I pay. Thanks in Advance!
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