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  1. kvsm23vs24

    Best songs dedicated or about their moms?

    Lock if posted already. Listening to “you and the 6” and was thinking this is a pretty dope song about their moms. My 3 off the top of my head without really doing research :lol “Hey mama” “You and the 6” “Dear mama”
  2. kvsm23vs24

    My man out here jay with the struggle beard.

    My dude Hov out here struggling :{ :lol
  3. kvsm23vs24

    Manny Pacquiao apologizing for Gay comments

    Input on manny?
  4. kvsm23vs24

    Los Angeles to raise minimum wage to $15/hour by 2020
  5. kvsm23vs24

    Hot Toys Collection thread and Statues

    Seen a few heads in here that collect Hot Toys and I wanted to see your collection and upcoming purchases. A couple of Pre-orders that I plan on getting plus more while updating My new Hot Toy 'Terminator T-800 MMS 238 (battle damaged)'
  6. kvsm23vs24

    Is penmanship natural? Vol. What does this say?

    I always had horrible hand writing to the point where when I took notes and tried to read them on later I would have troubles. Can people practice and get better or is it too late? :lol :{
  7. kvsm23vs24

    The H8ful Eight | New film by Quentin Tarantino set for 2015: teaser trailer

    Huge fan of Tarantino. Favorite director. The script was leaked early this year and he was not going to do the movie anymore, but I guess had a change of heart.
  8. kvsm23vs24

    DAYLIGHT SAVING. Don't forget.

    Set that time an hour ahead! Tonight or tomorrow morning
  9. kvsm23vs24

    You're ex trying to get back with you...

    So my ex is hitting me up wanting to be together again. She broke up with me dec 14 and until recently this last week hit me up saying she wants to start over and give her a chance. I found out she had sex with another dude and all this stuff (she told me). She says she regrets been crying to...
  10. kvsm23vs24

    Tips on going up to girls?

    So just recently got dumped and I've been heading to clubs, lounges, bars and doing my thing. Anyways what's a nice ice breaker to talk to a girl or try and get her number? I ain't whipping it out.
  11. kvsm23vs24

    How many guys is too many for a girl?

    Say you meet this girl and she is cool and you're digging her, but you find out she had about 15 sex partners... Is that a no? Also say she is 25 and started having sex at 15 so that's 1 body per year. Or it shouldn't matter?
  12. kvsm23vs24

    Boardwalk Empire or Game of Thrones?

    Both some of the greatest shows out. What's your guys' favorite?
  13. kvsm23vs24

    50" LG led tv @ walmart for 448.00 Pretty good deal.
  14. kvsm23vs24

    Anyone a RN

    Been thinking of doing the Nurse program. I was trying to do the CC way but I have a number of bad grades. I was thinking of going the trade school route like Shepard. I know it's a ton of money, but il deal with it later. Anyone ever gone the trade way? Can you get jobs of these schools? Thanks
  15. kvsm23vs24

    APPLE THREAD | Apple Event 9.14.21 10am PDT APPS Entertainment Netflix YouTube Hulu Plus Amazon Instant Music SPotify Shazam Pandora Beats Music Sports ESPN SportsCenter NHL CBS Sports NBA Gametime MLB at Bat
  16. kvsm23vs24

    Do other countries make huge summer movies?

    I always wondered are the U.D the only country that makes summer blockbusters? Like I never seen a film from a foreign country have something like Transformers, Superhero movies, Pixar type films, huge display of CGI like 2012, ID, avatar? If there are then please school me.
  17. kvsm23vs24

    Fighting a red light camera ticket.

    For you Californians that know we are allowed to make right turns on red lights given the opportunity. Well I don't k ow if some I you been by Pierce college. On mason and victory. You aren't suppose to make a right. Well I saw the sign late and I was like on half of the cross walk for...
  18. kvsm23vs24

    Anyone not comfy with condoms?

    Y'all. I even on team raw like 5 years and now I have this new chick who wants to use the balloon. Anytime I try putting it on that feel goes away. Guess I was spoiled going in in free with my willy. Any other things to use? And my girl don't do pills. Any of y'all girls have the nuvo rings?
  19. kvsm23vs24

    Fast forward your clock tomorrow!!

    Daylight Saving Time (United States) 2013 begins at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 10 and ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 3
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