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  1. tyisny

    Kids are trying to be stuffed animals now??? I'm on Twitter the other day & came across someone i know describing what her young child was explaining to her. Apparently there are now kids in schools who have changed their pronouns to animals & are walking around school in...
  2. tyisny

    What does it take for you to tell on someone online??

    Just wondering what is the line for NT'ers?? personally i don't see myself doing it but i understand we're in a new generation and some take the internet a lil more emotionally than others. So i'm asking what pushes you to the point that you tell on someone/something in order to get them banned...
  3. tyisny

    Anyone use CBD oil? (Vol my elders ain't tryna get high)

    I've heard a lot about the benefits of CBD especially when it comes to anxiety & sleep, I have a few relatives who are going through that now. I'm a smoker so i've never really delved into CBD too heavy. For those who have used it has it helped you? and what brands are good for sleep/anxiety.
  4. tyisny

    NT Rapper Battles (Vol. Corona caused it) {50 Vs Ross 1st Full 20 IN OPEN FOR VOTING}

    We in the NT music forum all talk to greasy about which artist are better than others, So since we ain't got **** to do we gonna have the battles in here. Same set up as the IG live battles, 1 track per round, at the end we post the full list of songs & people post their votes after. All songs...
  5. tyisny

    Who Has experience with Poshmark?

    any NT'ers use this? i have a bunch of old **** in the crib that i wanna get rid of & i've heard good things about Poshmark. For those who have used it, is it a quick turnover rate? The stuff i'm selling isn't really expensive or hyped items so i'm just looking for somewhere to get things off cheap.
  6. tyisny

    Would a Hamsterdam actually work (Vol. Yes Another Wire Discussion)

    Been rewatching recently & came across this scene & it just sparked this up for me. For those who haven't watched the Wire Hamsterdam is a "free drug zone" meaning that dealers, users, prostitutes etc etc were moved from their current neighborhoods & pushed to an abandoned area of town. From...
  7. tyisny

    any one have have suggestions on water filters (Vol. Fluoride is bad for you)

    i've been looking at different filters for the past few days, i've always rocked with Brita but i'm just realizing that they don't block out fluoride & i've upped my water intake by a lot. I've seen a few under the sink setups but those are 300+ & i don't wanna go that high. i was just looking...
  8. tyisny

    Would you join a predominate black version of twitter? (Vol. Blitter may bring back that OG essence)

    I just came across this app while scrolling through twitter I still haven't joined but i may just have to give it a test run soon. A lot of people have started to suggest how much twitter has gotten soft over the years. People getting banned for joking around, everyone becoming more & more PC...
  9. tyisny

    CSA Travel insurance (Is It Worth It??)

    I booked a trip to the carribean for October & i'm aware that it's still considered Hurrican season. I didn't buy insurance on the trip because i've heard a lot of mixed reviews about the insurance. However if something serious is brewing around that time i'm def not gonna take the risk. So my...
  10. tyisny

    Tips on Focusing (Vol maybe all of America has ADD)

    just started this post for people to share tips on ways to focus on a task. I realize that i have a lot of free time at work lately, and it can be used to do more productive things. I always start my morning with a mental note of things and it seems as if i get distracted to BS like social...
  11. tyisny

    Since this is a weekly tradition NT let us pray for Rumain Bribson.. Vol yea another Black killed by
  12. tyisny

    Philly Police Kill another man Vol. this one finally had a weapon... he stood no chance

    According to this story... this man was riding around with a gun in his console in plain sight. Was stopped for a traffic stop.... didn't try and stash the gun... got out the car to adhere with cops... got into an altercation with the cops... and apparently lunged towards the car to get the gun...
  13. tyisny

    Forget Cop Killings, Black Men are being Hung... mysteriously ruled suicide

    :{ Every Single day its something like this Friday 29 August was a big day for Lennon Lacy. His high school football team, the West Bladen Knights, were taking on the West Columbus Vikings...
  14. tyisny

    Open Season on black men by the police continues Okay man WTF is going on here what has to be done in order to protect ourselves, clear as day the laws don't protect us, the police hate us, & we can literally die for just walking...
  15. tyisny

    How ahead of it's time was Enemy Of The State?

    I watched this as a child not really realizing the significance behind it. But watching it now in these times i'm in awe at just how accurate and how quickly the tactics used in this movie have been used now.
  16. tyisny

    Google can now see what your reading.. From space, but that's not an invasion of privacy or anything;_ylt=AwrTWfx0ietTvQQAVn_QtDMD I love when vital things like this just casually get passed and media barely speaks a word. We our actually living in 1984
  17. tyisny

    Sorry to interrupt celeb talk or fap schedules but LAPD just killed a man (Vol. Blacks Aren't Target LOS ANGELES — A pedestrian Los Angeles police tried to stop for questioning was fatally shot by an officer in a struggle, authorities said today. The shooting...
  18. tyisny

    Vice Media : Heroin Warfare and The Coldest War (Afgan Looks like Harlem in the 80's/ We are going i

    Direct Link To Full video
  19. tyisny

    Never Before heard Tupac Phone convo wit Monster Cody (Discusses Jail, community rehabilitation, Aut

    Thank to NT @scienz of life for posting this in the Music forum initially. However This interview is less about music and more of tupac explaining his life and plans. One of the better Convos i've heard in a long time.
  20. tyisny

    Are there good alternatives to couches for your livingroom?

    I've been searching for furniture lately and have realized that the furniture in my budget (800-1200) is really dull and simplistic for the price of it. I need something to take up a lil space in the living room and give guest a space to sit in atleast. What are some good alternatives to simple...
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