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  1. lawdog1

    Wardell Stephen Curry Discussion Thread: Extreme Opinions Encouraged

    IMO, Steph is a great player. Better than some NTers say and not as good as some others say. But talk about it. In here. Not the big NBA thread.
  2. lawdog1

    OFFICIAL 2016 RIO SUMMER OLYMPICS THREAD (Rio is a wrap; See you in Tokyo in 2020 (or, more likely,i

    :(This thread is for discussion of the events themselves. Not about how good looking the ladies are who are competing and not any shenanigans going on in the Olympic Village. The competition itself. Go U, S and A. :Nthat Link to medal count tracker:
  3. lawdog1

    OFFICIAL LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS 2021-22 SEASON THRED (23-24; on the road for the rest of January. Ouch)

    Since the first preseason game is tonight, I figured it was time to move on from the offseason thread and start the new season thread. As excited as I've ever been for the start of a season. 8o :hat :D Let's get it!!!!
  4. lawdog1

    Original Laney AJ 5 Retro Size 9; Used, but in good shape

    Original Laney AJ 5 Retro in size 9. Used, but in good shape aside from significant yellowing on outsoles and webbing. No box available, but I do have the original retro card. Edit - still have these. Lowering the price to $45 OBO.
  5. lawdog1

    AJ 6 Retro White/Midnight Navy 9.5; Used, but in good shape

    Original AJ 6 white/navy retro in 9.5. Used, but in good shape. No box or retro card.
  6. lawdog1

    OFFICIAL 2015 NBA PLAYOFF THREAD (NBA FINALS SET; GSW V. CLE - (But we have a whole week before the

    LET'S DO THIS :smokin :smokin :smokin Most wide open playoffs in a minute. Can't wait. Reposting complete schedules up front.
  7. lawdog1

    OFFICIAL 2015 LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS OFF-SEASON THREAD (Lance, PP, Josh Smith, Aldrich - pretty nice l

    We made some solid offseason moves and should be right there in the West again, but did we do enough to get past San Antonio or OKC? I'm not sure, but am excited to see how everything plays out. Should be another great season. LET'S GO. Los Angeles Clippers ‏@LAClippers · 6m6 minutes...
  8. lawdog1


    Even though I think most of us are still stinging from the season ending, I figured it was time to start this thread since the Sterling situation is heading up. Getting rid of him is the biggest offseason move we can make. If we do that, get new owners and otherwise have exactly the same team...
  9. lawdog1


    If there ever was a year that we're going to do something, this is it. Had our best (regular) season ever last year and the team looks to be improved going in to this season. We upgraded at the wing positions and are deep at guard. Our toughness and depth on the frontline is still a little...
  10. lawdog1

    Anyone Ever Tore/Sprained Their Achillies' Before?

    I did something pretty bad to mine tonight and am trying to prepare myself for what's ahead. Just want to know if anyone has experience with this and what it felt like when it happened and right after. I can walk right now, but it hurts and I can't put any significant weight on the leg I hurt...
  11. lawdog1

    Happy Father's Day, S&T Edition

    Since I don't go into General really (except the movie thread), I figured I'd create a HFD thread for the S&T regulars with kids. Ska, CP, PSK, Cake and anyone else I'm missing, Happy Fathers' Day. Hope it's a great one for everybody.
  12. lawdog1

    OFFICIAL LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS 2013 OFFSEASON THREAD - Media Day Done; Training Camp Starting

    :smokinOK, I'm going to go ahead and say that VDN's firing pretty much represents the official start of the offseason, so I decided to get the offseason thread going. Let's post all offseason news in here from now on. As far as VDN's replacement, I personally like the idea of one of the Van...
  13. lawdog1

    OFFICIAL LA CLIPPERS 2012-2013 SEASON THREAD (Playoffs v. Memphis, Lost 4-2; Offseason thread comin

    OK, since we're now into preseason games, I thought it was time to start the season thread. I think we all can agree that the offseason was a big success. We know the team will be good, but the question now is how good. With the pieces we added, particularly if Jordan shows notable...
  14. lawdog1


    It was a great season, but I think the Spurs series proved we're not yet in the same class as the real championship contenders.  But I think we can get there, or close to it, with the right offseason moves. To me the biggest things we need to do are: (1) upgrade the coach (I don't think VDN is...
  15. lawdog1

    Phil Knight Going In To Basketball Hall of Fame - Deserved?

    I saw today that Phil Knight of Nike is going to be inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame in 2012 as a "contributor."  -- I then saw a few tweets about like this one: Adrian Wojnarowski
  16. lawdog1

    OFFICIAL 2011-2012 LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS SEASON THREAD (Its a wrap. Great season ends)

    Its finally here. We get to pick up again after the most exciting Clippers season in years. We should compete for a playoff spot even if we don't pick up anyone significant before the season starts, but it would be nice to upgrade that SF spot going in to the season. I think the amnesty rule...
  17. lawdog1

    Is Point Guard the "Hardest" Position In Basketball?

    I got into a little debate with someone on another board about this.  You often hear basketball commentators toss out the idea that PG is the "hardest" position in basketball.  The dude on the other board used that as one reason that Wall should be ranked ahead of Griffin as the top rookie. ...
  18. lawdog1

    Official Los Angeles Clippers 10-11 Season Thread - The Griffin Era Begins (Again)

    Definitely feeling good going into this season with Griffin back and a new coaching staff.  Things kick off tonight with the first preseason game tonight against Portland.  Someone on another Clippers forum I go to says that this website -- -- will be streaming the game.  I'm...
  19. lawdog1

    Anyone Torn a Knee Ligament?

    I'm wondering what it felt like for you because I think I might have done something like that.  I was playing hoops last night and my knee hyperextended a bit after I got fouled on a lay up attempt.  I didn't hear or feel a pop or anything, but after that I just had no stability in the knee when...
  20. lawdog1

    Rebecca Gayheart: Noxema Girl Has a Naughty Side

    I would have never guessed:
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