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  1. ta2and0

    Does anyone know anything about these air force ones? I cant find any info about them anywhere. From the above listing, I guess it came out 2007 and the product code is 315122-151. U can probably figure out the colorways if googled that product code.
  2. ta2and0

    Anybody know what kind of Nike’s these are?

    There’s actually a thread for this in the Nike section...
  3. ta2and0

    Nike tennis classic vs Tennis classic ultra fly knit. And release date of OG tennis classic?

    Although it’s written in Japanese, the description of this pair on the following page can be read as “this VNTG model is faithfully reproducing the original model from the early 80’s.” Hope that helps.
  4. ta2and0

    Nike Air Flight 89: now on NIKEiD

    via US11...
  5. ta2and0

    Looking for a place to buy good condition nike shoe boxes

    Sorry to say this, but enough view & no reply simply means that no one can really answer your question. I don’t think there’s any shops around the world that sells only the authentic box. Have seen some “box only” auctions listed on eBay before, so I can’t say no one sells such thing, but it’s...
  6. ta2and0

    NIke Air Streak Light.

    Don’t know why, but the vintage pairs look way better, especially, the orange one. Here’s another Vintage pair I’ve found. 迅速 means quick, fast or swift in Japanese and I bet it basically means the same in Chinese too.
  7. ta2and0

    New member looking for ibfo on this release . Dec 7 foamp pro release

    Although the attachment can be read as Foamposite Pro, that release date & colorway makes me believe it’s probably this one.
  8. ta2and0

    Air Jordan 4 Black Cat 2019

    $190?? I saw several sites mentioning they’ll be raising the MSRP to $200 from next year tho. If that’s the case, I’d rather prefer Olivia Kim’s since it seems like my size are available around the same price on stockx now.
  9. ta2and0

    Mystery Shoe?

    ^ Finally realized what was coming up to my mind was Lunar Fly 306 and I guess that’s not the one in question....
  10. ta2and0

    Mystery Shoe?

    ^ Exactly the same. Have seen them before and I thought I even saved the pic or 2. But can’t find them anywhere and don’t remember anything really. Somehow, the term “360” keeps coming up on my head and I don’t know why either....
  11. ta2and0

    VC NIKE SHOX BB4 *UPDATE PG.21* RD 9/20 $160

    Didn’t like it that much when I saw the first pic seen above, but after watching the better quality pix, I kinda like em.
  12. ta2and0

    Nike Air Trainer 3 retro's over the years

    Damn...., saw this guy doing free style in the street of New Orleans few months ago while visiting there. Thought he was pretty dope and even took some video like this while contributing a buck or 2. I’m a Japanese that got into hip hop in the mid 80’s and glad to know that was a common sense to...
  13. ta2and0

    Air Jordan 4 Black Cat 2019

    Completely forgot that Pinnacle also used Pony Hair a little. I was actually referring the one that looks really close to this one w/ fully Pony Hair upper (don’t really remember the heel logo, but don’t think it was Nike Air) that was never released to general public. found the pic of that...
  14. ta2and0

    Air Jordan 4 Black Cat 2019

    Few tears ago? I don’t think they’ve ever released Black Pony Hair AJ-4 to the general public tho. But I actually like this one a lot and am hoping that there’ll be bigger sizes available.
  15. ta2and0

    Please, help me to identify Nike shoes that i was wearing in the early 2000s or the late 90s

    Don’t think you can find the exactly same shoes that easy now. I mean, you are talking about the shoes that was around almost 20 years ago and since this is not Air Force 1, Air Max 1 or others which Nike still release nowadays, it’d be extremely difficult to find the same shoes even if you...
  16. ta2and0

    Please, help me to identify Nike shoes that i was wearing in the early 2000s or the late 90s

    That’s gotta be some kind of indoor soccer/futsal shoes. I’d say they are from the Tiempo series, but not clearly sure. Anyway, from the form of that toe, I can say that they were originally for playing football. Just not for the actual game tho.
  17. ta2and0

    Nike AF1 Sample Info

    What do you mean the actual name? It’s Air Force 1 ‘07 and it’s indicated on the tag tho? If you mean the nickname, they aren’t set by Nike and not all the model get a nickname either. I don’t know this is a scrapped sample or generally released later, but I guess it’d probably be the former if...
  18. ta2and0

    Sneaker Identification Thread, Help Appreciated

    ^ That's what I thought exactly. Probably, this one w/ Nike Sandal.
  19. ta2and0

    I need help identifying these sneakers

    That's Mac Attack!!
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