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  1. nikekid6

    What shox is CR7 wearing here

    Can’t find them on nikes site. TIA gang
  2. nikekid6

    Money doesn't buy happiness ... Vol Jeff Bezos Divorce Wonder what she is going to walk away with....
  3. nikekid6

    Finally traveling To Indonesia.. what to do/see/eat

    Hi NT fam. Booked my first international trip and going to Bali next month. Anyone been and have some recommendations on any and everything? Do's/Don'ts Will check in and provide pics of all encountered while out there. Thanks alot guys
  4. nikekid6

    Doing things alone

    Morning yal. Got the day off and feelin like doing something.. maybe an amusement park. All my friends at work obviously. just pop in the headphones and walk around hittin the rides Strange to go alone?
  5. nikekid6

    Standing up to your boss. Yay or Nay

    Morning NT. This is a topic I talk about to my friends and co workers. i have a boss who in their mind is NEVER WRONG. in their eyes anything that is done wrong is the workers fault when most of the time the instructions/ direction given is obviously theirs. Memory is so bad they'll tell you to...
  6. nikekid6

    Stanford swimmer who raped a women gets sentence shortened .... No words My bad if there's a thread already
  7. nikekid6

    NIKE X NBA - New apparel outfitter for the NBA

    I know a lot of yal wanted UA. Nike shooting shirts :smokin
  8. nikekid6

    Best knee sleeves available?

    Wassup team. I play recreational bball and football. After years of being an athlete even through college. My body is letting me know it didn't appreciate it lol. Are there any knee pads/ sleeves/ warmers you guys recommend / use? if anyone could link me to the right direction i would greatly...
  9. nikekid6

    NT's Bartenders Thread

    Whats up fambs. Any bartenders here on NT? I've been thinking on becoming one part time. Friends are suggesting it since im pretty sociable and know a good amount about wines and spirits. Im in LA and would prob take some classes to be certified. anyone suggest any places..?? all info is...
  10. nikekid6

    any one know where i can get these shorts? NIke Hyper elite

    Absolutely love these shorts... really want the black/ red pair anyone know where to get them again? cannot find them anywhere thanks in advance
  11. nikekid6

    adidas mad handle 2001

    would love to see these again. adidas had some dope hoop shoes in 2000s as well
  12. nikekid6

    Toro bravo 4 legit check

    Thanks in advance guys
  13. nikekid6

    Sesame Street announced a muppet who has a parent in jail vol. awkward

    Didn't see a thread on this. If there is one pls delete. Thoughts?
  14. nikekid6

    Midsole fix. help

    Hey guys new to this customizing thing. i want to paint a midsole a grey. specifically a metallic grey. what paint should be used. what finisher and will it stand the tests of basketball Help/insight/info is beyond appreciated
  15. nikekid6

    MTVs Real World vol Trail Blazing

    This season is located in Portland anyone peep the first ep? i never usually make posts about this show but this seasons got me intrigued lol 1. the amount of tall women :smokin 2.being theres a homie on there from Massachusetts, im from there and interested to see how he puts on for the...
  16. nikekid6

    Restoring the stickiness to soles?

    Sup guys I got a pair of zoom generations I wanna bring back out. They've been sitting so the sole is yellow and you know when soles become smooth and slippery, is there a way to reverse that and make them sticky again? Thanks in advance. Also any info on how to some what "de-yellow" them? NK6
  17. nikekid6

    Color iPhone 5/ipad mini .. would you?? Anostyle (If needs to be moved, please do so mods) would you guys do this to your phone? i would. and am currently contemplating what color. dat black/gold :smokin
  18. nikekid6

    Happy Birthday to that man Jay-Z...

    didnt see a thread for this. if it needs to be moved, mods please do so. 8o Happy Bday to Shawn Carter. man has done so much for music and business.. i assume alot of us can relate to his music past and present The album that started it all for me personally :smokin Plays Dec 4th.
  19. nikekid6

    Ray Allen PE XVIs

    Hey JB Forum Ray is wearing some form of PE 16s against the Celtics right now... will post pics asap look either white/red or white/gold/red
  20. nikekid6

    Was at LAX and saw a possible pr0n star... (nt detectives needed to view pics and identify)

    hey NT i was at Lax flyin in and i saw this woman who looked familiar. i think it was the face/hair.. can anyone help me identify if it is the actress i believe it is.. she had some sort of bodyguard w/ her which makes me believe its her.. here are the crappy creeper pics i took...
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