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  1. rky mdna

    19 dead at rave in Germany

  2. rky mdna

    may be late, but what the deuce?! smh at the world

    what is this ignorance
  3. rky mdna

    LOL NT, look at the comments on this video

    "dirtier then michael jacksons browsing history!" "If Only My Wife Was This Dirty!!" They're talking about the bassline, by the way.
  4. rky mdna

    Official Winter Music Conference / Ultra Music Festival Thread

    Who is going? Friday, March 26th, 2010 Jonathan Peters + special guests @ Shelbourne Pool MixMag Party: Will.I.Am, Boyz Noize, D.Ramirez + more TBA @ Park West Mind Control: Richie Santana & Peter Bailey @ Dream T&B CREW - WMC MIAMI 3/25/10 10:00 PM T&B Crew w/ Chris Manley American...
  5. rky mdna

    Black NTers, do you think this is instulting to or exploiting black culture?

    Peep the video. Major Lazer "Pon De Floor" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo. So this song is produced by two white DJs/producers known as Diplo and Switch or collectively Major Lazer. They normally do house music, but last year they spent time in Jamaicarecording a Dancehall/Reggae album with...
  6. rky mdna

    Help a NTer out (DJ Contes: submit vote: really, really simple)

    YOU DONT HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR ANYTHING i really think i have a shot at at least making it to round 2, but i need 200 votes first. just go to the link and give it 5 stars. it's a DOPE mix btw. can you guys please just go and vote? you don't have to sign...
  7. rky mdna

    NT, I Need Your Help! (Seriously)

    Long story short, I'm working on my final project (a 15-page script) for a screenwriting class, but I have yet to come up with a good ending. In fact, thewhole thing isn't good, but it's too late for that. NT HELP ME COME UP WITH AN ENDING: this is the basic plot -new york city in 1995 -jim...
  8. rky mdna

    NT DJs... Question

    When I go off to college next fall I plan on DJing there, but there are a few things I hope some of you guys can help me out with. First, how do I make sure my set up doesn't get stolen? i.e: Where/how do I lock up my coffin? Second, I don't really have sound equipment yet, so what type of...
  9. rky mdna

    Bahahaha (Video)

    I cannot embed this video, but: Chewbacca looking females thinking they're worth life. myspace:
  10. rky mdna

    40s Appreciation

    Olde English, Colt 45, St. Ides, Miller High Life, and Private Stock to name a few, but my favorite is: Ballantine What's your favorite?
  11. rky mdna

    Late-Night NTers--You Have To See This

    i'm in love... she's probably under 18 though so am i
  12. rky mdna

    NT General... who still buys sneakers?

    I haven't purchased or worn sneakers for about six months, but I still check NT General almost daily because it's hilarious.... I kinda I feel like most people in this part of the forum are in a similar situation, but I might be wrong. Anyway, as the title says, who still buys sneakers? or is...
  13. rky mdna

    How Many Song Do You Have in iTunes?

    This has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I'm just curious. I have exactly 7200
  14. rky mdna

    PSAT emergency...

    all judgmental comments aside, i have a PSAT tomorrow morning and i lost the practice booklet somehow. i have never looked at an SAT so i have no idea what to expect tomorrow. can someone please offer a link or just tell me what's gonna be on it? thanks.
  15. rky mdna

    Sample sales in NYC?

    are there any coming up anytime soon? i need one!
  16. rky mdna

    Creepiest NTer ever! denimwitch47

    Gotem4Cheap received a really weird PM today from denimwitch47: "nice pics young man. just curious, you into stomping with your sneakers. I love young guys into jeans and sneakers who love crushing things intheir path. Let me know if you are interested, I use yahoo messanger, add me as...
  17. rky mdna

    My one year collection post

    I've been collecting for a year. It hasn't been all smooth sailing though, I lost Hawaiis and Awayguns in a scam. I have more shoes but not collectionpost worthy. ENJOY! Top: 07 Aqua VIII, 07 Metallic V, Retro Infrared VI, Graphite Mita Dunk Middle: Powder X, OG Flint XIII, Nort Reacon Dunk...
  18. rky mdna

    NT, it's my birthday!

  19. rky mdna

    NT I got 1.4k... what laptop should I cop?

    No Macs. No Macs. No Macs. I've been looking at the AlienWare Area-51 but I'm starting to doubt if it's worth it. Help me out!
  20. rky mdna

    Pic Request: MJ in TB III

    ^ Please. TEAMlateNIGHT>WE NEVER SLEEP<Free two many.
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