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  1. elnino4530

    Clear Soul Forces - Gold PP7's

    How is there not a thread about this already? Album is smooth...old school hip-hop feel :smokin Tracklisting: 1. Continue - Produced by Ilajide 2. Ninja Rap - Produced by Ilajide 3. Beats Rhymes & Life - Produced by Ilajide 4. Freq Freq Featuring Kooley High Produced by Ilajide 5...
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    NT Fitness Bros...get paid!

    My friend showed me an app today called "Gym Pact" (iPhone only for now I think) Basically: Set a goal of x number of days/week at the gym Set a $ amount "penalty" for not meeting your goal Check in at your gym via gps on the app and stay for 30 min or longer to complete one day At the end of...
  3. elnino4530

    Sports Video Game Players...

    Do you guys cover all the announcing for the games? I used to do it when I was a kid like "Iverson with the spin and the touch off the glass!!!" Now, I'm 25 and STILL do it. I'll even be getting into elaborate story lines in MyPlayer on 2k12. My roommate walked in the apartment the other day...
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    NT'ers with Roommates...I need advice

    So here's the deal. My girl and I got a 2 bedroom place last July, we broke up mid-September and I've been taking care of it all myself since. Bills are around $1200/mo. total. My buddy from college calls me and says he's moving my way, can he take my spare bedroom. He helps with bills and I'm...
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    Limp Bizkit Signs to Cash Money

    At first I  then I  but now I'm 
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    Life changing videos with Kige Ramsey

    NT this man is a genius and has helped me in every aspect of my life. I wanted to share some videos with you
  7. elnino4530

    Check out my friends group - Clear Soul Forces

    Hey NT, I'm hoping you guys will take a minute to check out my boys group. It's a local Detroit group...just 4 guys with a passion for hip-hop bringing a classic vibe. Appreciate the views and feedback!
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  9. elnino4530

    Michigan NTers That have Comcast/Xfinity, Uverse, Dish, DirecTV Come In!

    I recently moved from Residential Sales at Comcast to Residential Sales at WOW! Cable, Internet and Phone If you have any other provider and live in the WOW service area I can almost surely cut your bill down by at least $30/month. ALL PRICE ARE GUARANTEED UNTIL 2015, NO CONTRACTS! Free...
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    Sunday Lulz

  11. elnino4530

    Anybody Here a "Relationship Person"?

    Now...I know NT is full of lady slayers, but I feel like I can't be the only dude like this. Broke up with my girl in the beginning of September and she moved out. Had a couple flings and ultimately found one of the coolest girls I've ever met. She's been my friend for years but neither of us...
  12. elnino4530

    NT Home Theater Experts Help Vol. Sound Bar

    Ok NT I have a decent sized apartment and needed something basic to get me better sound than from my TV. I picked up a cheap Vizio sound bar for like $90 and it's got 2 rca inputs () and one digital input. I have the two rca going to my cable box and iPhone and I wanted to use the digital for...
  13. elnino4530

    Gym Heads $.96 Shakers has Gaspari shakers on sale for $.96 plus a 10% off code (bulkisback) with free shipping. Just saw it on SlickDeals and scooped 9 () EDIT: Code is expired so the free shipping is gone now too
  14. elnino4530

    NT School me on the CTS

    So my boy works at a dealership and they're clearing out their 2011 stock. 2011 CTS AWD for 325/mo and 1000 down. I'm really tempted to take him up on this even though I told myself I'd never lease a car...this feels like a steal though. What are your opinions on the CTS? I wanted to wait...
  15. elnino4530

    Ideas for Home Office Decoration?

    So NT I have a home office but it's PLAIN. We have our two laptops on a desk, bookshelf, printer, and that's it. Any recommendations? I just ordered a print from Random Objects...I want motivational type stuff without the cheesy motivational posters and such, if that makes any sense
  16. elnino4530

    Blackberry users...quick help please!

    I just got a Blackberry Bold (Verizon) from my employer. It was working fine for a couple days but now every time I go to my contacts and try to open their info or call...the phone freezes. The only way I have found to get around it is rebooting...any way to fix this?
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    NT If This Isn't Part Of Your Daily Routine... NEED to check it out. It's like a breath mint for your head I get outta the shower ready to conquer the day after this stuff
  18. elnino4530

    NT I need a watch

    Alright I'm 24 and the only watch I own is a white G Shock  What are you guys wearing? I want something that is fairly nice without being too expensive. Looking to spend $300 or less
  19. elnino4530

    OFFICIAL NT Credit Thread

    There have been a ton of threads on NT lately about building credit, checking scores, etc so I thought we could make a dedicated thread. Ask questions, share advice, and participate! I'll try to update this main post with questions people have and the answers that are given Basics FICO scores...
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