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  1. sharpshooter718

    Rents Are Through The Roof >10% Over PrePandemic Levels; In 0 of 50 States Can a Minimum Wage Worker Afford Housing

    Trump has real estate in your head that can't be matched ..
  2. sharpshooter718

    Jordan IV Military Black - May 21, 2022

    Warm rag and some elbow grease
  3. sharpshooter718

    Do you have any unpopular opinions???VOL....2

    Surprisingly??? 😂
  4. sharpshooter718

    Nuclear-Strength Weed sending kids to the hospital

    This place was decent when they first opened.. haven't been since before the pandemic but I'm sure quality is down the tubes.. they had some sour grape and some Durban poison that was legit. At least the prices have come down
  5. sharpshooter718

    Nuclear-Strength Weed sending kids to the hospital

    There aren't that many pure sativas or indicas going around... 98 percent of the weed today is hybrid in the 40/60 - 60/40 area ... Won't make you feel the sativa lime qualities or indica qualities individually... Back when haze was dominant . Most haze's being a sativa would have the hood up...
  6. sharpshooter718

    Nuclear-Strength Weed sending kids to the hospital

    I'm smoking with my homegirl last night and I came to the consensus that all this weed we been burning the past couple years been mids. . Most of it taste the same , and has the same effects (hybrid)... Yeah certain strains have their own terps and flavonoids but once it's been sitting in the...
  7. sharpshooter718

    Nuclear-Strength Weed sending kids to the hospital

    The mythical sour D....
  8. sharpshooter718

    Official Bitcoin Thread

    We will see who was right in the end.... 🤠
  9. sharpshooter718

    **The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

    Y'all be dropping bank on some random items .... 😂 2 something damn near 300 for some target shorts .. 😂
  10. sharpshooter718

    Nike Air Jordan Retro 3 OG “Fire Red” 2022

    Definitely in for a pair.. don't wear my jays that much so one pair would suffice ..
  11. sharpshooter718

    Official Bitcoin Thread

    I told y'all stay away from the **** coin projects.... Lol y'all had big dreams..... Just do your Googles on iso20022 .... Find out which coins are compliant and which coins are going to used after iso20022 becomes the standard that replaces swift...
  12. sharpshooter718

    Black guy hair cuts

    Anywhere near a military installation will be chicks that cut hair. . #bookit
  13. sharpshooter718

    **The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

    This is flames
  14. sharpshooter718

    OFFICIAL NYk '22 offseason thread, team to lose picks for tampering

    Dude is not an impact player .. yeah he's alright but he's not real.
  15. sharpshooter718

    Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide in Manhattan jail

    Suicide.... 😂
  16. sharpshooter718

    Official Bitcoin Thread

    My worst fears are here and I haven't sold a damn thing .. I wish I had more capital to throw down but I still see another 25 - 30 drop from here just to obliterate everyone.... If so, I might empty my savings and wait. I don't plan on selling any Ethereum until 2030 Anyway.. probably never...
  17. sharpshooter718

    Official Bitcoin Thread

    Between not sell unless it's for rent or the kids .
  18. sharpshooter718

    STAY/GET BACK IN SHAPE VOL 3.0 -- A New Niketalk = A New Thread

    Dudes is suspect and don't even know it... 😂
  19. sharpshooter718

    Official Bitcoin Thread

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