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    This video was hard to watch. MY take from it. Jay either did something really messed up so she just let Solange go in. OR Solange has had these spells of rage before and thats why Jay and Bey were acting so calm.
  2. rocathajordans23

    Jobless and Frustrated NTers check in VOL. WE NOT-WORKIN!!!

    Not unemployed. But, thought I'd come in here to drop a few things that helped me. When I got out of college I worked for Enterprise Renta car (worst job you could imagine) for a year. I worked there because like most grads you need a job. I absolutely hated the job (10-12hr days) terrible pay...
  3. rocathajordans23

    Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Conan share a ride along around Hollywood LULZ

    THIS. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole video. :rollin
  4. rocathajordans23

    Bitcoins! New Hustle? **NOT DEEP WEB**

    It hit $1000 :x
  5. rocathajordans23

    Yooo, Kanye on Sway in the Morning. (updated)
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    QFT! I looked at my mom when she said she was getting a turkey from Popeyes. But, this is the best turkey I've had so flavorful! :Nthat :hat
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    Yooo, Kanye on Sway in the Morning. (updated)

    Kanye didn't answer any questions on breakfast club. He would just start going on rants and never had a clear concise point or anything just kept talking. I like his idea and what he's trying to do, but the delivery isn't there. He needs to sit down formulate his thoughts and then go wild' out...
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    Kid shot & paralyzed over Marmot "biggie" coat @ Bryant Park VOL Hurtlocker coat makin waves in NY

    No piece of clothing is worth dying over. RIP to those that have fallen. But, seriously this jacket is :x
  9. rocathajordans23

    R.I.P. Blockbuster...

    Well karma is a B! Blockbuster CEO laughed at an opportunity to partner up with Netflix before, Netflix became what they are today.
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    OFFICIAL HOMELAND Thread | Season 7

    When he said that I thought the same thing at first. But, then seeing the twist in these episodes so far I think he may be alluding to something less sinister and something that Carrie has hatched out herself as far as the plan and what shes getting into.
  11. rocathajordans23

    US Drones Have Killed Up to 900 Civilians in Pakistan

    I think this just may be the tip of the iceberg. :{ Ish is out of hand. There's so many drones flying around and not just over foreign land.
  12. rocathajordans23

    Ask A Hedge Fund Fraud

    Posted about this guy in the first thread. :rollin
  13. rocathajordans23

    New Whip: So... I bought a Phantom Vol: Bulls Vs Blazers MJ Shrug

    OG NT lol miss threads like this fully support it. Great entertainment. All brought upon himself. Kind of reminds me of that kid that said he went to brazil? Met that girl then we realized they were all selflies. Lol I felt the same sense of happiness for their accomplishments like I did for...
  14. rocathajordans23

    Photoshop This Pic Vol. Big Supa Spirit Fingers

    :rollin reminds me of the golden days of NT when there was always one of these threads going on :hat
  15. rocathajordans23

    12am Valentines day and I kicked her out..GOODBYE on PG10

    Good Move! Life is about being smart and adversity, don't go back to her just because of the kid. Work it out another way, but you only have one life and will only be young once. Don't want to look back like damn this B has made my life a living hell. Just keep grinding and doing you.
  16. rocathajordans23

    Ex LAPD officer going around killing other cops. WILD STORY

    Said the same thing to my coworker. Seems according to his manifesto that he tried taking all the right steps from the beginning filing reports and telling his supervisors of issues and trying to fight this corruption in the correct manner. After years of them denying and pretty much destroying...
  17. rocathajordans23

    What do you call your father when you're speaking to him?

    dad or pops. never called my mom "mommy" or my dad "daddy" never been a fan of either. And I don't want my son calling me daddy either. Especially since my girl calls me that when I'm in it lol
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