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  1. danikerhino

    Give some healthy tips.

    If I eat fast food, I try to go for Chicken, fish, or turkey if they serve it. I don't eat as much white rice as I used to. I filll my water canteen(40oz) at least twice a day and that's my consumption goal. If I go to subway, I usually get the salad version of the sandwich I like. I try to...
  2. danikerhino

    How often do you guys play basketball?

    I haven't played in a while and plan to pick it up tomorrow to see where I'm at. How about you guys?
  3. danikerhino

    What sports are you bad at?

    We all know a majority of us is good at Bball and football but, what sports do you have no skill in whatsoever? I suck at volleyball, bowling, and baseball.
  4. danikerhino

    What's your favorite place to hang out in your city?

    In San Francisco, I usually kick it in Valencia and mission st. during the day when I'm out with friends or want to have coffee and relax. When I go out at night, Polk st. is it for me, followed by Divisidero and Valencia once more. When I want change, I usually explore downtown (anywhere from...
  5. danikerhino

    What area in the city you live in has the best looking women?

    I live in San Francisco, so I'm going to have to go with Powell St. between 4th and 5th. Women from all over the bay flock over there whether it's on a tuesday or saturday. It's the place to be as far as shopping and etc.  Second would be Mission(including Valencia) because I've always had a...
  6. danikerhino

    What training techniques do you use for basketball?

    Just got back to playing hoops. So far, I run a mile while dribbling (ball control), suicides, and I shoot the ball from anywhere I get the rebound at.
  7. danikerhino

    How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had since you've joined NT?

    Feel free to give a description about them: I've gone out with four so far (serious relationships)since I've been on here. Susy, Ingrid, Nicole, and now my girl Pamela. Susy: Mexican, Leo, girly, innocent, indecisive, not a go-getter. It didn't work out because she wanted me to do everything...
  8. danikerhino

    Are there any pharmacists on NT?

    Been thinking about getting into the field while I put art on hold for now. How is it, do ou enjoy it? How difficult was it to get a degree and everything?
  9. danikerhino

    Who do you guys live with?

    For now, I live with my brother in a 2-bedroom apartment. I plan to move on my own when I find a better job though, sometime next year maybe.
  10. danikerhino

    Do you guys have an accent?

    I have a slight "street" accent, like I still say "aite" and "spose to", but most of my English is mostly properly said.
  11. danikerhino

    Upcoming Windows 7 Tablets aka The iPad finally has competition

    Looks like the iPad is finally getting some competitors from a number of Windows 7 tablets. I'm anxious to see how the Windows 7 OS will actually preform on the actual tablet platform (not referring to the touchscreen laptop with the swiveling screen). It'll be interesting on the upcoming months...
  12. danikerhino

    What do you guys do when you're on the subway or bus?

    I have a list of things: Listen and mess with my iPod Draw Read Observe weird people Look for good looking women Look out the window Think
  13. danikerhino

    What's up with Jay-Z's new video?

    It's like he's taking the new Rihanna route, with all this weird #%##. I mean I'm coo with symbols, but he's reaching in this video. I meanI'm trying to figure out what the video has to do with the song.
  14. danikerhino

    The Mist: One of the Best movies of the decade, do you guys agree?

    One of the best movies I've seen ever. The special effects weren't that good, the whole movie was basically at a convenient store, there are barely anyscenes of the monsters...these things initially kept me away from the movie. I thought "oh, just another corny flick". But the story is...
  15. danikerhino

    How good is the Zune HD?

    I haven't heard anything about it since it came out. Anyways, I don't have an Ipod Touch any more and was thinking whether or not I should buy the Ipodagain, or just get the Zune HD. The HDMI output (HD connection to an HD TV) is really impressive and the screen is sharp as hell, but I kinda...
  16. danikerhino

    What was your favorite song from Usher's Confessions album vol. certified classic?

    I always liked that song "Throwback". It has good production, good writing and subject, and good vocals of course.
  17. danikerhino

    Why is Ludacris so underrated now?

    He's a better lyricist than TI, probably among the top in the dirty overall. And he never really has any boring albums, his ear for production is goodenough. The only flaw I kinda see is his substance is lacking because of his countless punchlines, but other than that, I think he's one of the...
  18. danikerhino

    What age did you guys enjoyed the most so far?

    I enjoyed when I was 18 the most because I was getting hella women (17-24), having none stop fun with my friends, good job, easy classes, and littleresponsibility. I'm 21 btw.
  19. danikerhino

    What grade do you give your life right now? Vol. My Life took a dip...

    Positives: +School is going great. +My family is doing well. +Living in a better environment. +NBA Play-offs Negatives: -Two of the lady-friends are about to have relationships, the other two hate me, and two of my ex's are the only girls I'm messing with now. -My confidence kinda took a dip...
  20. danikerhino

    Post some weird things you do or did with you Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Ex.

    I'll post a short list since me and Larina(ex) did a lot of weird #!!%: -Try to sing collabo songs and try to nail the verses when the artists sing together, I know, corny. -Do some weird dances in clubs and parties (Waltz, Swing, Butterfly, etc.) -We had a lot of secret symbols (eyebrow raises...
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