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  1. af1 1982

    Zodiac Killer Z340 Cipher Solved After 51 years!

    Not sure about you guys but the Zodiac Killer is something I’ve always been interested. Really cool to see one of the top ciphers in history finally be cracked
  2. af1 1982

    NT Hacked??

    Son, what is going on in the Nike forum :lol
  3. af1 1982

    How Tiger Woods Unraveled Years After Earl Woods Death... Very, very good read. 
  4. af1 1982

    ESPN Suspends the Publication of Grantland.....
  5. af1 1982

    Mars IV Legit Check

    Can I get a legit check fellas?
  6. af1 1982

    Price/Legit Check on DS Raging Bull Pack

    These are a DS Size 11.5 Raging Bull pack. I'm looking for a price/legit check. Thanks as always fellas
  7. af1 1982

    Mitchell and Ness 40% Off

  8. af1 1982

    -The League Season 6- Ep. 1 "Sitting Shiva"

    Anyone watching the season premier tonight? DEAD at Kevin being in the combine :rollin
  9. af1 1982

    Aurelio, The Philippine Supercar vol. WE MADE IT   WE DID IT KUYAS
  10. af1 1982

    -NIKETALK Memories Thread Vol. 15 years-

    We're coming up on 15 years in December. Mods, if you would prefer this thread be made then, please delete. Figured this would be a good place to share some laughs Post some memories from your time on this great website Off the top of my head, most of them fairly recent -Team Late Night...
  11. af1 1982

    2013 Royals LC/PC

    I'm working on getting more pics but see if y'all can work with this
  12. af1 1982

    21 year old delivers amazing poem about his life

  13. af1 1982

    -The Official Sneaker Wiki Thread- (Post interesting facts/backstories/design inspiration)

    The intention of this thread is to bring back an aspect of Niketalk that I miss dearly. I miss the threads where history and trivial pieces of information was posted. Dudes like B1lly Hoyle dropping knowledge. There are 2 simple rules for this thread: 1)No flame wars. This is purely factual...
  14. af1 1982

    DS Roshe Run Dynamic Flywire DFW Hyper Blue Size 12

    Price:  $70 OBO Shoe:  Roshe Run Dynamic Flywire Color:  Hyper Blue/Gamma Grey Size:  12 Condition:  DS with original box and receipt Payment Methods:  Paypal only to verified addresses 
  15. af1 1982

    DS Nike SB P-Rod 1 Cream/Maroon Size 11 $100 package deal

    Shoe:  Nike SB P-Rod I Color:  Cream/Maroon Size:  11 Condition: DS Price: $60 Payment Methods:  Paypal only to verified addresses $100 if bought with the other pair of P-Rod 1s (Navy/Gum)
  16. af1 1982

    NDS Nike SB Zoom P-Rod 1 Navy/Gum Size 11

    Shoe: Zoom Paul Rodriguez 1 Color: Navy/Gum Size: 11 Condition: NDS, Worn 2x Price: $60 + shipping OBO Payment Method: Paypal only to verified addresses Contact: PM me for phone number References: Check my feedback. I have been here for 8 years and have nothing but positive feedback
  17. af1 1982

    LC/PC Cool Grey 11s

    Moreso a Price Check. They look legit as far as I can tell. Seller wants $125 shipped
  18. af1 1982

    DS Kobe VII "Invisible Cloak" size 11.5

    Shoe: Kobe VII "Invisible Cloak" Size: 11.5 Condition: Brand New Payment Options: Paypal or Popmoney Price: $225 or Best Offer. Contact me with what you are willing to pay and we can negotiate. The worst I can do is respectfully decline.  Contact Info: PM me and I will send you my phone...
  19. af1 1982

    The Story Behind BMW's M Division

    Whether you like NT's favorite car or not, you gotta respect the amount of precision Engineering that goes into making them. Simply beautiful machines. This video is also a favorite of mine. I could watch this video over and over again for the sound of the car alone
  20. af1 1982

    Jenna Jameson rips Tito Ortiz on Twitter Click the link for screencaps of the tweets
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