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  1. janitor

    Air Jordan 6 retro “Carmine” - Nike Air - February 13, 2021

    From the new “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” trailer
  2. janitor

    Nike Greater Than Series (Cut/Run/Jump)

  3. janitor

    Nike Kyrie Infinity

    Finally hopped on the bandwagon *insert Drake meme: Retail? :emoji_wave: Discount.☝️ Can retire my 7s now, first test run tomorrow night. My games’ still utter trash tho, but at least my old joints getting some relief
  4. janitor

    Post your toys! Vol. 1?

    My collection is in constant backlog, finally getting around to War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron. For my (Takara deco) Bruticus, upgrade kit is an absolute MUST! I went with the Boosticus: Onto more current stuff: just picked up
  5. janitor

    Official Toronto - Outlet and Store report

    Pretty sure I’ve put this out there before, but since Closet Inc’s being brought up here: yeah f those guys. Years ago bought Aqua 8s off them (iirc via text? So strange) and they sent the wrong size, 10 instead of 10.5 so def their mistake. Clown tries his damnedest to convince me they’ll...
  6. janitor

    Post your toys! Vol. 1?

    Just dug out of storage and opened today Only bought for the VC, but NGL in hindsight wish I bought them all at the time Edit: this one as well
  7. janitor

    Post your toys! Vol. 1?

    Mail call! Decided to treat myself after getting a new job. Been at the same place for almost 16(!) years, a change of scenery’s been long overdue.
  8. janitor

    Post your toys! Vol. 1?

    Some recent pickups -Lego Prime is for Father’s Day, so no cracking into it til then -paid the late tax for sleeping on SG Jetfire (plus box came a bit dinged) but idc got him now!
  9. janitor

    Official Mitchell and Ness Thread: Jerseys, Hats, Shirts, Shorts, Questions POST EM UP

    I can’t be the only one in here mildly infuriated with the historical inaccuracy >D of this scene And don’t get me started on the New Era fitteds, wardrobe department just popped into the local Lids and called it a day
  10. janitor

    Official Toronto - Outlet and Store report

    Confirming Nike’s sad state of affairs @ NOTL as well Entire sides curtained off where shoes would be, mixture of apparel/gear elsewhere Bland of a selection as can be if there was any (shoes and clothes). Canada soccer stuff at over-priced retail (ie. $55 “We can” tee or whatev). Left...
  11. janitor

    Fools Wildin Thinking They Doing It Unappreciation Vol Get The @#*+ out

    This one will always be an all-time classic (hockey player): Was posted on the Raptors' Twitter briefly before taken down (Leafs & Raptors have the same ownership)
  12. janitor

    Post your toys! Vol. 1?

    Had a BBTS order (mostly for my kids) so tossed in Harley with it
  13. janitor

    Post your toys! Vol. 1?

    Popped into Toys R Us a few days ago, saw these and the nostalgia was calling. Seriously considering getting into the Neca Gargoyles too. Seems I got one foot out the door with Transformers atm, combo of the constant price increases + think I’m good with what I got
  14. janitor

    THE OFFICIAL NIKE KOBE FOOTWEAR THREAD: RIP LEGEND 1978-2020. MAMBA FOREVER | Nike Should Sell Jewelry If They're Not Selling Kobe Shoes

    Took my kids to the carousel this chilly Sunday. Happy Easter everyone!
  15. janitor

    Official Mitchell and Ness Thread: Jerseys, Hats, Shirts, Shorts, Questions POST EM UP

    Ay I thought it’s been set this thread ain’t for no False Custom jerseys
  16. janitor

    Air Jordan 11 Retro "Concord" - December 8, 2018 release - $220 #45

    Funny this convo came up. While I know people poop on the 2011s (rightfully so), I was just cleaning up some old receipts earlier and dug this up: 9 pairs. Told this story before, but breaking it down: -2 for myself -1 for my girl -1 for my (future) kid -rest for my wedding party: 4...
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