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  1. amafia

    How Do You NT'ers Feel About Wearing Tortoise Colored Eye Glasses?

    I rock some all black Gants and I'm probably about to get some new ones. I like the tortoise ones but do you feel like this is a reach for a male to wear everyday? Heres an example of some that look like the ones I'm looking at getting.
  2. amafia

    I Know Im Late...But This Is Dancing?

  3. amafia

    NT, What Is Your Fav Movie(s)?

  4. amafia

    The Man That KO'd Suge Knight Gets Ruthessly Choked Unconcious By Club Security (Vid Inside)

    http://www.worldstarhipho...p?v=wshhIyHJ6tp43E32oAKS Wild unnecessary.
  5. amafia

    As A 15 Y/O Mixed Child I Realize That Black Woman Are Blind And Ignorant.

    So this black girl asked me my preference on girls. I told I her white girls. I said they have the best personality and look the best, IMO. Now She IMs me on FB and texts me bringing up the whole not liking black girls thing. She even asked my three best friends (who are all black) and they all...
  6. amafia

    Free Prodigy. Vol. Respect The Old Time G.

    I'm 15 and when I heard Shook Ones four years ago I was hooked. Prodigy and Nasir are the dudes that turned my musical taste around. "All we go through is hell, what the $#+% is a heaven."
  7. amafia

    This May Be A Shock To You, But THIS Is The Best Rapper Dead Or Alive.

    Tiger Swipe!!!
  8. amafia

    Official If You Really New Me Thread on MTV at 10:00 on Tuesday vol GOLD

    Go to MTV NOW. These high schoolers are hilarious.
  9. amafia

    Question For You Guys That Use Facebook Regularly.

    Have you ever had a pest that IMs you every single day? This guy is a grade below me and has IMed me everyday of the summer. Do I just tell him to leave me alone or unfriend him or what?
  10. amafia

    Go Ahead And Lock It Up

    These conversational rebuttals don't pertain to the topic.
  11. amafia

    Fools Wildin Thinking They Doing It Unappreciation Vol Get The @#*+ out

    Pic is from a guy that sent me a FR on facebook. Dude taking pics with his shirt up while his Grandma bout to die behind him..
  12. amafia

    How Do You Make those spoiler Things??

  13. amafia

    Who Do You Feel Is The Best Out Right NOW?

  14. amafia

    So, Is this How You Get Down On AIM? Vol. I'm Not Gay.

    Dude left with the quickness! I sign in and look for the NT chat going on and this happens. *Signs back out*
  15. amafia

    Avy Request Vol. I Know Somebody Is Up For The Challenge.

    If anybody is feeling generous could somebody make me a gif from 3:06-3:09 with a red flashing border and "AMafia" in the middle at the bottom in light grey?
  16. amafia

    So, Dipset Reunion is Fake? Jha Jha speaks out (Vid Inside)

    http://www.worldstarhipho...p?v=wshha5p3cm5qs3qT14o3 Damn, Jha Jha went in. Mainly on Cam. But she was wrong about one thing. She tried to say she was hotter then Jim and Cam.
  17. amafia

    How Do You Feel About Rappers/Comedians/Etc joking and rapping about tragedy's?

    I.E "If you @+++*$ try the nine you can get it like Columbine."-Murda Mook Even if you didnt have any family/friends die or injured in events like that do you still look down on the entertainer seeming compassion less?
  18. amafia


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