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    Ocean's 8 - Opens June 8, 2018

    Ok, I'm a big fan of 11, liked 12, and was a little spent by the time 13 came out. Don't mind the idea of 8, but I have a couple issues with it (and the all-female lead cast is NOT one of them, lol) 1 - So the goal of the thieves is stealing a $150 million necklace off Anne Hathaway at the Met...
  2. snkrfollower

    Nike re-focusing on 12 int'l markets, trimming 2% of employees

    No idea where this should go, lol, but I figured some of y'all, especially Nike employees would be interested:
  3. snkrfollower

    ADIDAS x Rick Owens Thread

    Post all of your RO stuff here...
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