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  1. meny

    Coolio appreciation post vol. RIP 1963-2022

    rest in peace, this guy is a legend.
  2. meny

    Who are the top 10 rappers of all time? you can also list their qualites or skills that make them great

    top 10 rappers of all time for me. 1. Eazy e 2. 2pac 3 ice cube 4. eazy e 5. ice cube 6. 2pac 7. Ice cube 8. eazy e 9. 2pac 10. eazy e.
  3. meny


    hi, post here tongue nike logo, soles.
  4. meny

    legit check air jordan 1 high retro OG Bred Toe

    used shoes, buying from?
  5. meny

    Mocha 1

    hi, send here size tag, and wings logo zoomed.
  6. meny

    help identify this pair of dunks

    hi, nike dunk 2010 LOW CL find this on google, maybe its right.
  7. meny

    Jordan 1 High Obsidian Legit check

    looks ok.
  8. meny

    Legit check taxi 1s

    looks legit, but try checkcheck
  9. meny

    Jordan 1 High Obsidian Legit check

    post here size tag, wings logo.
  10. meny

    GOAT APP legit?

    yeah, goat is legit.
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