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  1. salvi650

    Legit check reimagined 3s

    Damn that's crazy! Any other input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. salvi650

    Legit check reimagined 3s

    Right on. I grabbed em off stockx before I heard all their recent problems. I know that it's hit and miss with the elephant print on 3s but its like the whole left toe box sits higher on the left shoe and doesn't line up with the right, if that makes any sense
  3. salvi650

    Legit check reimagined 3s

    Hey can someone please help with a legit check please. Thanks
  4. salvi650

    Legit check lost and founds

    @retro fiend Thanks
  5. salvi650

    Legit check lost and founds

    Wanted to get some help on these lost and founds. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. salvi650

    Legit check taxi 1s

    I got these early from stockx. I know they've been getting fakes thru so i wanted to check. Theyre from stockx but verified by goat? Been lightweight out the game for a min does that happen? All i heard was sbb quality but all my last runs of ogs have much better leather quality. Maybe it's...
  7. salvi650

    Nike Air Total Max Uptempo Retro - Black/Volt - First Look (Actual Pic)

    Did white and navy's drop on footsites today?
  8. salvi650

    Has anyone else been using StockX?

    I was wondering the same thing... ordered laser blue am 90s and stockx sent me the waiting to authenticate email then a day later i got tracking info from hong kong. They got here in 3 days to! These u.s. based companies slacking lol. Glad to see this happens.
  9. salvi650

    Air Jordan 13 Hyper Royal/ December 19, 2020

    Man this is what i always imagined this pair would be. Haven't been this in love with a sneaker in min.
  10. salvi650

    Air Jordan V Retro "Oreo" - July 24, 2021

    Wow my buddy and i were just talking bout what shoe from that era would retro 1st. I thought sport blue 3s for sure.
  11. salvi650

    NIKE Air Jordan IV OG White Fire Red: Black Friday 2020: Nov. 28th

    Just got my home to my pair and honestly im not very impressed. I may be traumatized from my '12s still. I had a fake pair of these bout the same time as the mars in '06 and something bout the toe box is similar. Not mad at this shot tho
  12. salvi650

    NIKE Air Jordan IV OG White Fire Red: Black Friday 2020: Nov. 28th

    Got that W. 1st cop on snkrs since this pandemic. Lol said i was gonna pass on these for militaries but as soon as i seen that notification 😅
  13. salvi650


    Turned my varsity reds imto work shoes. Any way to clean the mesh tongue? Any info would be appreciated Lol i think they still have life on 'em.
  14. salvi650

    Legit check flint 13s

    Kickscrew pair just double checking... thanks in advance. Inside of box has no stamp or sticker idk if that's how they sell them in china?
  15. salvi650

    Air Jordan 13 "Flint" May 30, 2020

    Kickscrew pair. I know there was questions about them selling legit kicks so these look good? Havnt heard too many people talking bout copping from them. Could've copped on release day but passed... that extra $50 hurt but looks like that $250 plus taxes is holding steady on stockx Also there's...
  16. salvi650

    New Jordan V releasing (early 2021) White/Stealth/Black/Hyper Royal?

    Please jb... give me stealths!
  17. salvi650

    Military blue 4s in 2021

    Great news for me if true!
  18. salvi650

    BORDEAUX 7S JULY 18th 2015

    Sold my hares a few years back and really been regretting it lately. $270 in my size on stockx. They were damn near retail for the longest time
  19. salvi650

    Air Jordan III "Fire Red SE" -August 2020... SE-T too?

    These right here is what im expecting the se too be. Would love to be wrong tho fire reds are my favorite 3
  20. salvi650

    Air Jordan III "Fire Red SE" -August 2020... SE-T too?

    I thought the they were the all white and red 3 that surfaced a few months back. Id love og fire red 3s but jb gotta give us that grey ep with the na
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