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  1. arc9802

    WTB: Looking for a 1994 Jordan 1,2 or 3 retro box. Size 9-10

    WTB: Looking for a 1994 Jordan 1,2 or 3 retro box. Size 9-10
  2. arc9802

    Ebay Authenticators stealing items?

    Just purchased a pair of 1994 Jordan 3 retros off ebay. Supposed to come with the box and retro card. Everything was pictured and should have been included. Got them yesterday and there was no retro card and no box top. Just the bottom of the box. Luckily the shoes are very nice but I need the...
  3. arc9802

    Jordan Ebay auctions

    Ok, thanks for the feedback!
  4. arc9802

    Jordan Ebay auctions
  5. arc9802

    Jordan Ebay auctions

    I keep seeing multiple listings of the same pair of shoes from different sellers. Why is this? The prices are different some times but the pics are identical. What are the sellers trying to do in this situation?
  6. arc9802

    Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Bred Toe

    Got Lucky finally on SNKRS.
  7. arc9802

    Official OVO x JB Thread

    L...............and another L!!!
  8. arc9802

    Air Jordan 3 Retro AS NRG Thread

    Will these be available on SNKRS?
  9. arc9802

    Off-White x Air Jordan Thread - Rest In Peace Virgil Abloh

    I tried 3 - L L L
  10. arc9802

    Tinker Hatfield documentary

    You bet!
  11. arc9802

    Tinker Hatfield documentary

    There's a good documentary about Timker Hatfield on Netflix. He's on the second episode. The documentary is called Abstract. In case anyone here hasn't seen it.
  12. arc9802

    The "DAMN I remember them!!!" Vintage Nike Thread!!!

    Just got these 2 pair of 1984 Vandals in the mail. I remember having these in 4th grade!
  13. arc9802

    What is a good alternative to Ebay?

    Is there any other site for selling shoes that is good?
  14. arc9802


    This is a sponsored ad on Yahoo! I'm guessing these are fakes. How do they get away with selling these?
  15. arc9802

    NIKE AIR MAG 2015

    I can't even log in to buy a raffle.
  16. arc9802

    Official OVO x JB Thread

    Lost. I have yet to win one of these. Maybe next time. At least the pain is over quick! I don't have to sit at my computer for hours just to strike out!
  17. arc9802

    Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro "White/Cement" - The Aftermath - NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING

    Why did Nike put Jumpman hang tags and not Nike Air? Fail!
  18. arc9802

    X Box or Playstation 3

    My 1st grader wants a game console. I don't want to spend $400 for the latest and greatest. He loves Minecraft and that is probably what he would play the most. What's your opinion? PS3 of X-Box?
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