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  1. timmybrixxx

    Legit or not? Fire red 4’s 2012

    They are replicas. 100%.
  2. timmybrixxx

    Jordan 4 Military Blue 2006 Legit Check

    Looks okay to me.
  3. timmybrixxx

    Jordan 1 bred 2001

    Yeah true man, that 1 does look sketchy..I think id side w the above OP, also that price is way too good to be true..My bad..Ive personally not seen a fake 01' pair look that good, usually they are very easy to spot..but you are right here based on the tag pic above. Sorry for the confusion homie.
  4. timmybrixxx

    Jordan 1 bred 2001

    Sorry so late on this reply. This pair is in fact legit. Date not touching bar code happened sometimes on legit pairs. Thats not a 100% way to determine. Real vs fake Its more like 90% effective for old pairs. 14984 pairs are just a different run, This is an oversees pair. There were like 5...
  5. timmybrixxx

    air acg sample

    Legit Sales Sample from 1999. Sales Samples are not the rarest of samples and this is a pretty plain shoe and looks to have been worn. Value i can't really speak on here, but I'm assuming its not much. Still a cool find though.
  6. timmybrixxx

    Jordan 1 old love 2007 legit check?

    Looks ok to me
  7. timmybrixxx

    Legit check????

  8. timmybrixxx

    quai 54 5 legit check

  9. timmybrixxx

    LF Price on an OG w/ or without Box; "Hare" Jordan 7

    Little more info may help..What size are we talking? Used or Deadstock? These factors will influence their cost.
  10. timmybrixxx

    Nike Air Jordan #311113-101

    Its not a PE. Its a general release.. After some digging..The model is "Jordan Prime Target". Probably worth maybe $30 used with no box.
  11. timmybrixxx

    Nike Air Jordan #311113-101

    Def Legit. Looks like a football team Jordan from 05. Can you get a better shot of the text/logo on the back tab part? I cant quite make it out in these pix. It may help narrow the search.
  12. timmybrixxx

    Trophy Room 16s..No out of # on the tongue

    Need to see detailed pix of the shoes to be 100, but im guessing they may be replicas.
  13. timmybrixxx

    2009-2010 de la sol x urban haz ?

    99% sure these are fakes. The actual pair was a custom from my understanding. These would not have been mass produced and released to the public. The pair in question are more than likely knock offs of the custom. Can you snap a pic of the box and size tag in the shoe to be certain though. Im...
  14. timmybrixxx

    Jordan 1 Royal 2013 size 9.5

    Good to go
  15. timmybrixxx

    2000 varsity 6s, legit check rq 👏🏼

    100% Legit..They are 00' Infrared 6s by the way.
  16. timmybrixxx

    Jordan 5 Metallic legit check

    Always LC BEFORE you buy if you are at all unsure. Better to miss a deal than catch a steal. Glad it worked out for you in this case.
  17. timmybrixxx

    Jordan 12 flu game legit check? (Please help) it worn out for fyi

    Nice set of pics. They look ok to me.
  18. timmybrixxx

    Jordan 5 Metallic legit check

    Im leaning fake on that top pair. Tongue is mad off as well as NA logo as stated. Also the AJ tag on inside of tongue looks suspect.
  19. timmybrixxx

    Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey 2010 Legit Check Please

    100% fakes fam. Toebox and general shape is off as well.
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